TexnRewards brings the power of Text Marketing to small and big business alike! We'll help you build your own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible. With new advances in technology, Mobile Marketing is now easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. No other form of advertising gets a greater return on investment than Text Marketing!



75% of people prefer to receive Text offers
over any other form of call to action!


92% of smartphone owners
use Text Messaging!


98% of all Text Messages get opened
within the first 5 minutes!


  • Promote Your Rewards

    Your Mobile Marketing Loyalty Specialist will walk you through the steps of adding your new mobile strategy to your traditional marketing and advertising programs to maximize the success of your current marketing efforts. A Text Marketing call-to-action is a powerful add-on to your current Radio, TV, Print, Direct Mail, E-mail, Facebook & Twitter campaigns. We can even put a widget on your website for customers to sign up for your mobile program.
  • Build Your Customer Base

    Your personal Mobile Marketing Loyalty Specialist will guide you through the strategic campaign start-up process for successful Mobile Marketing that is specifically designed with your business goals in mind! We will consult with you on our proven best practices of Mobile Marketing and how to capture and build your subscriber base faster and more effective than any other method on the market.

    Your Loyalty Specialist will assist you in designing your new Loyalty Rewards Program and the set up of your new Loyalty Rewards Kiosk. They will also professionally install your unit and train your staff on site!

    It doesn't stop there! Your Mobile Marketing Loyalty Specialist will continue to guide & monitor the success of your mobile program and suggest changes from time to time to maximize performance. We understand, you have a business to run, we do all the heavy lifting so you don't have too! Also, your Loyalty Specialist will report to you on your mobile program regularly.
  • Keep Them Coming Back

    As a business owner you know the importance of keeping customers coming back and turning them into loyal customers. But how do you reach those Inactive Customers? Our exclusive Inactive Customer Feature is specifically designed to re-engage a customer on a personal level. Our system automatically sends an individual message to just those customers who haven't been back to your business in a specified time frame. Giving you the ability to target customers who haven't been in for 20/40/60 days or any schedule you choose! This feature is an automated offer/reminder to drive them back to your business, with each offer increasing in value throughout the preset duration. Our clients are experiencing 6% to 12% redemption, on average, just on this feature alone!
  • Stay In Touch

    The power to reach your customer base Instantly, in Real Time, and drive your customers back in when YOU want them, has never been easier! Reach your customers at the right time when their most likely to redeem your offers. You have the ability to blast your entire customer base with special offers, or to help boost sales on days that are traditionally slow. Your Loyalty Specialist works with you one-on-one to design and schedule delivery of promotions for the upcoming month and review reports on the previous month's marketing results.
  • Reward Loyal Customers

    If 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, doesn't it make sense to reward those Loyal Customers? Our Loyalty Rewards Kiosk Program is customized to your business to deliver a powerful customer experience. This program not only rewards Loyal Customers but helps Increase Repeat Customer Visits. No Loyalty Cards Needed! No Apps to download! Makes giving rewards to your loyal customers fast and easy!
  • Measure Your Results

    Access to Real-time reports on all your campaigns gives you instant feedback on the success of your marketing efforts. Your Loyalty Specialist will work with you to analyze your past campaign results and provide guidance to improve them in the future. Receive weekly & monthly analytic reports to leverage customer data and gain insight specific to your business trends. We'll analyze your customer's habits & measure your effectiveness & response rates. Watch your customer cycle of repeat customers increase on the graph over time. If you want to see how many new opt-ins signed up last night, simply sign in to your website portal to see the results anytime, anywhere. Track rewards & inactive customer offers sent and how many have been redeemed. You're TexnRewards account manager will report these statistics at each monthly meeting.

Loyalty Rewards


Need more proof that we know how to make YOUR business more money? Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say about how TexnRewards and our network partners have helped their business grow!




"This helps bring back our customers day by day. We want to get to know them better""

Andrew Christy, Benny's Bagel - Bennys Bagel - McKinney, TX

I can see direct results especially during a broadcast

Desiree Beck - El Chico Cafe - El Chico Cafe - McKinney, TX

Almost one-sixth of our families belong to LATextSavings, and we can only see that grow.

Tauby Ross, Owner - Kidspark - Northridge, CA

[Customers] get excited when they come in and see that they only have maybe one or two more visits to receive free food. We offer a free large pepperoni pizza after five visits.

Jim - Owner - Moms U-Bake Pizza

Our sales have been up significantly since we’ve been working with QpINs.com.

Leah Petty, Owner - Dairy Queen - Lewiston, ID

If you don't go mobile, you're going to get left behind. With VIPTextDeals, I'm able to track everything. The online services that we have with VIPTextDeals, it's a no-brainer. It's the best form of marketing we do.

Jeremy Rogers - Director - Adventure Oasis

Everyone comes in, and they bring their text, and they're really excited to be a part of a loyalty program. It's making more regular customers out of a non-regular business. When you offer a deal to someone to keep them coming in, they're much more likely to come more often and want to bring their family.

Samantha Hickman - Marketing Manager - Sky High Sports

People have to want to join to be involved in [the program]. I'm not irritating customers by berating them with mailers and what have you.

Richard Maier - Owner - Numero Uno Pizza

It's the best thing you can have for any franchisee or independent business. If you want to get more customers, or customer satisfaction and loyalty, this is a great program.

Vishal Mehta - Baskin Robbins & Subway

The thing that I love about using TCDealz.com is it’s such a good tool to have an advantage over your competitors, no matter what you’re using it for.

-Jared Hubers, General Manager - Cartime Auto Center - Dundas, MN

I’ve been using the service for two months now, and I have almost 1,000 clients that I can touch base with on a weekly basis.

Ben Horwath, Owner - Ben's Yogurt N Deli

[Customers] really enjoy getting the rewards.

Lynda Keller - Owner - Harley's Tavern

[This program] has worked really well. It's brought a lot of customers, and everybody likes the idea of getting a text.

Maria Vizcarra - El Maguey

Our customers love this program. They get excited every time they check in.

Gabriella Shabke - Manager - Muffin Top Bakery



Check back often for the latest updates and alerts about new clients and how current clients are leveraging TexnRewards groundbreaking Loyalty Programs to generate huge increases in sales.

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