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Post Date: September 18, 2019

How Self-Service Salvage Yards Are Capitalizing With Our Service

How Self-Service Salvage Yards Are Capitalizing With Our Service



The art of attracting customers to your business is only the beginning of winning them over and creating a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.  We believe you need customers returning on a regular basis to earn their loyalty and continued business.  What is the most effective way to get your customers returning on a regular basis?  As explained in our most recent article, text message marketing is arguably the most effective and affordable way to advertise your business in today’s competitive digital environment. 

We are a mobile marketing company strategically located in Frisco, Texas and serve numerous self-service salvage yards throughout the United States.  Customers like our service because of how adaptable we are in customizing our system to work synergistically with their unique business objectives.  Texn Rewards offers a suite of profitability enhancing services including SMS/MMS Broadcasting, Loyalty Rewards, Fresh Stock Notifications, Reviews/Reputation Management, and MORE!  The best part of working with us is our continuous communication which is focused on optimizing YOUR program and maximizing YOUR return on investment! 

Our process is Simple and a Win-Win for both you and your customers.

Step 1: Opting In

(Note: In order to experience this seven-step process in action, please visit our Demo Campaign on a 8″+ screen and interact with the loyalty portal as you read along.)

Once you are prepared to Go Live, your staff will start asking each customer to check-in on the Loyalty Portal before entering your yard.  The first check-in is referred to as the “Opt-In” and we encourage yards to offer something worth $1-$2 of value in exchange for your customers’ number.  A good opt-in offer example is free entry to your salvage yard.  When an opt-in offer is present, most customers will enter their 10-digit phone number and choose to “Continue in English” or “Continuar en Espanol”.  All loyalty portals and monitors we recommend are touchscreen.  However, if you are testing our demo campaign on a non-touchscreen monitor, then you will need your mouse to press each button.  Imagine Texn Rewards is a self-service salvage yard and you are pretending to be a customer so you can understand the user experience.  Please enter your 10-digit cell phone number and choose to continue in your preferred language.    

Next, our system displays your digital liability waiver.  This is a legal document which explains the terms and conditions of accessing your premises and inventory.  Self-service salvage yards should have each customer sign a liability waiver before being granted entry to their yard at every visit and we make this process easy by eliminating the hassle of keeping up with paper waivers.  Instead, we store all waivers in a secure digital file and make the data accessible to you.  Your customer will have the ability to scroll through your entire waiver when it is displayed on the monitor and ensure they understand the terms of your service.  Then, the monitor will prompt your customer to press the “I Accept” or “Accepto” button to accept your waiver.  A signature box will display once the button is pressed, and your customer will be able to sign their name on the monitor using their finger.  After your customer signs their name, they will be able to press the green “Next” or “Siguiente” button.  If you are testing our Demo Campaign and viewing the liability waiver on a non-touchscreen monitor, then you will have to click, hold, and drag the mouse to sign your name.  Our demo waiver does NOT represent a legally binding document and is used for example purposes ONLY.  Please sign the demo waiver and press the “Next” button.    

Then, you have the option to ask for additional identifying information such as name, email address, birth date, age verification, and/or zip code.  We customize the extensiveness of each yards’ data collection based on your preferences and what you need the information to do for you.  In our Demo Campaign, we collect “First Name” and “Last Name” right after the waiver is signed.  Collecting your customers’ name is helpful when their liability waiver signature is illegible.  Also, we can enable the monitor to take a mandatory picture of each customer, so you can identify them if their check-in information does not help indicate who they are.  All additional identifying information is stored in the cloud with their signed waiver and is assessible for authorized yard personnel ONLY.  Please go ahead and fill out your “First Name” and “Last Name”.  Then, select the green “Next” button.    

Finally, your customers have the option to set their fresh stock notifications.  Have you ever had customers looking for specific vehicles which did not currently exist in your yard?  With fresh stock notifications, your customers tell you which cars they are looking for and it is all done electronically!  When you get the fresh stock they want in your yard, our system will send a personalized text message to your customer and let them know which vehicles arrived.  Your customer will select “Add New Vehicle” to initiate the process of adding a notification for fresh stock on a vehicle that peaks their interest.  Then, they select a minimum year, maximum year, make, model, and press the “Add” button.  Another way for customers to sign up for fresh stock notifications is by yards promoting this feature on their website.  On Central Florida Pick & Pays’ inventory page, we added a button which says “Text Me When My Vehicle Arrives” and directs customers to Sign Up.   

Go ahead and add a fresh stock notification on the loyalty portal if you would like to understand the process for adding a “pick”.  This is a fictitious campaign and we will NOT be notifying you based on new matching stock, but this process should give you a feel for the user experience.  Customers can add as many fresh stock notification picks as they wish and delete the fresh stock notification picks which are no longer relevant to them.  Once completed, you will press the “Next” button and see that your check-in is complete!  The entire check-in process should take no more than 30-45 seconds and we can speed it up if you are noticing a hold up in your line or need to expedite check-ins.  Our goal is a smooth user experience while simultaneously accomplishing your business objectives.

Step 2: Initial Text Messages

After opting into our demo campaign, you will receive the mandatory opt-in text message which says the following:

"You opted into Texn Rewards VIP Demo! => Up to 9 msg/mo. Consent not required to buy. Reply STOP to cancel. Msg & data rates may apply."

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Mobile Marketing Best Practices require this message to go out when new subscribers opt-in. 

Two minutes after opting in, you will receive a second text message which says the following:

"Congrats, you earned a Free Entry at Texn Rewards! Click mobile coupon link & show this text to the cashier within the next 14 days to redeem your reward."

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

This is a great self-service salvage yard example of offering something usually worth $1-$2 of value in exchange for your customer opting in and providing their phone number. You are technically able to add as many trailing text messages as you would like after the mandatory opt-in text.  For the Texn Rewards Demo Campaign, we created eight trailing messages in order to show examples of different ways our system can benefit your business.  However, this is a fictitious campaign and we do not set up real campaigns like this.  For practical purposes, you want to send 1-2 initial messages to avoid subscribers replying ‘Stop’ from an inundation of too many messages at once. 

Step 3: Loyalty Rewards

The loyalty aspect of our program involves rewarding your customers for their frequent business every 5-10 check-ins.  This is the same concept as the hair salon punch card concept where you get a free haircut every specified number of check-ins except you do not need to give away parts for free.  That is insane! Customers have been conditioned to provide their phone number at the check-out of grocery stores and other types of businesses in order to associate loyalty rewards to their account.  Yards who have the loyalty feature enabled see a positive correlation in VIP Club participation because customers generally appreciate being rewarded every so often for doing business with you! 

You will receive a rewards text example two minutes after joining our demo campaign which says the following:

"Congrats, you earned 20% off at Texn Rewards! Click mobile coupon link & show this text to the cashier within the next 14 days to redeem your reward."

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

You may have noticed the mention of a mobile coupon link included on a couple of text messages thus far.  This is a competitive advantage you get when you make the decision to partner with us, and you should check out how this feature option can enhance your couponing system.  Once again, loyalty rewards are completely customizable.  You get to decide what the reward is and how many check-ins it takes to achieve your reward.  We can also add as many reward tiers as you would like and repeat the reward tiers you decide on once a customer has reached your highest tier. 

Some yards do not believe in couponing or do not initially want to offer discounts for a multitude of reasons.  The beauty of self-service salvage yards is that margins are great, and customers are aplenty. Part of our business depends on couponing being a worthwhile investment and it is for many yards.  We are strong believers in coupons working and having a net-positive impact on your bottom-line no matter what the unique environmental factors are for your business.  We have seen coupons work for salvage yards in many different markets.  However, we have work arounds for yards who are adamantly opposed to the idea of couponing, and additional features to have a net-positive impact on their bottom-line as well. 

Step 4: Reviews & Reputation Management

Online reputation is the lifeblood of businesses today.  Many consumers compare the reviews of multiple businesses before deciding which one to visit.  It is important to value your online reputation in today’s competitive digital marketplace and a little bit of effort or proactivity can go a long way in enhancing first impressions for potential new customers.  The best time to ask for a review is after customers redeem a reward they earn and feel appreciated.  Reciprocity is a social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action and many customers will leave a positive review as a result of your generosity.

You will receive a coupon redemption text example asking for a review three minutes after joining our demo campaign which says the following:

"Thank you for redeeming your 20% off reward at Texn Rewards! How did we do? Please review us here=> review link"

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

The review link will take your customer to a landing page where they can review your business from their favorite review site such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, FaceBook, or Google.  We stream your positive reviews to your website and send you a report every month to show what kind of reviews you generated for the month.

Four minutes after joining our demo campaign, you will receive a text which says the following: 

"Check out the following links to see examples of our website review streams! => 1.

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

These links are the URL’s of two out of many self-service salvage yards who partner with us and stream their positive reviews onto their website.  This is a great feature to have and one that sets us apart from many of the other mobile marketing companies out there. Please feel free to visit our customers’ websites and get a glimpse of how website review streams can positively impact your online reputation!

Step 5: SMS/MMS Broadcasting

Short Message Service (SMS) Broadcasting is the best way to bring your customers back in and increase the frequency of your register ringing.  We can schedule text blasts to your loyalty list when you are running a sale or have an important announcement to send out.  The best part is that we offer broadcasting assistance and will handle everything for you.  All we need to know is what you want to promote, and we will craft a message using the Mobile Marketing Best Practices.  Our process is to send a sample text to our primary point of contact at your business and get the carefully crafted message approved before scheduling it to go out.  A growing number of customers are moving towards weekly broadcasting and pre-approving broadcast messages months in advance, so broadcasting is set on cruise control and you do not have to think about how you are going to bring more people in every week.  We also allow customers to send their own messages and be in total control of the broadcasting mechanism if they prefer to do so.  We provide detailed information in our Texn Rewards User Manual for customers who prefer the do-it-yourself method, and we are always on stand-by in case these customers need assistance.     

Five minutes after joining our demo campaign, you will receive a sample SMS broadcast which says the following:

"Huge Parts Sale at Texn Rewards! 25% off ALL Parts from September 13th-15th when you visit any of our Texas locations! 888-688-8492 mobile coupon link"

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

This message can go out to your entire loyalty list or to a target list based on specific criteria such as “Only customers who have checked in within the past 30 days”.  Information on how to hyper target market your list is included in our user manual when you partner with us.  If a customer uses a landline phone number for your loyalty portal, then they can participate in the rewards program but will not receive any text message offers.

Customers often respond back to SMS broadcasts and a few of these messages will be requests to be removed from your campaign.  This is normal because of how many advertisements Americans are exposed to daily.  When sending an advertisement out to thousands of customers at once, there is a high likelihood that a few people will request removal from your campaign.  We follow all TCPA regulations and allow consumers to opt-out of campaigns at any time.  If they respond by texting “Stop”, then our system automatically removes their phone number.  However, sometimes the message is “Don’t ever text me again” or something to that effect.  Our system does not always pick up on the fact that they are requesting to be removed because it is programmed to look for specific words and automatically remove phone numbers with those words included.  Luckily, part of our service includes quality checks of your customer responses where we go in and manual remove people who request to be taken off your marketing list using unique words other than the ones our system automatically detects.  We do this before sending out a broadcast message or once per month for maintenance. 

Other times, the messages we receive back from your customers are opportunities for sales.  They will request a certain part on a car or ask if you have a particular year, make, and model in your yard.  We can set up text or email reminders for staff members to receive these messages, so they can respond to the customers’ inquiry.  If you do not want to keep up with customer replies, then we have the option to send an automated message to customer responses which provide your contact information and advise them to contact your yard directly with questions.   

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is the preferred communication medium when you need to send information in a particular file format such as images, videos, or audio files.  Oftentimes, we can accomplish this with a mobile coupon or YouTube video link in an SMS text.  MMS costs twice as much as SMS, but is good for important messages where you need more than 160 characters.  The character limit for an MMS message is 500 characters. 

Six minutes after joining our demo campaign, you will receive a sample MMS message which says the following:

"We are a mobile marketing company strategically located in Frisco, Texas and serve numerous self-service salvage yards throughout the United States. Our customers love us because of how adaptable we are in customizing our system to work synergistically with their unique business objectives.

Our process is Simple and a Win-Win for both you and your customers. Check us out at or give us a call at 888-688-8492!”

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

If you join our demo campaign using a phone number which does not support MMS, then you will instead receive the following message:

"We are a mobile marketing who serve numerous self-service salvage yards in the US. Learn more => or call us at 888-688-8492!"

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

Step 6: Fresh Stock Notifications

The purpose of fresh stock notifications is to let your customers know when vehicles they are looking for have been processed and are sitting in your yard ready to be picked.  This will eventually turn into one of the most attractive features included when you partner with Texn Rewards because it involves transmitting relevant information at the perfect time and will help yards sell their inventory at a faster clip.  This is a feature that self-service salvage yards have needed since their inception and we are putting in the elbow grease to deliver what yards everywhere need.  

Fresh stock notifications powered by Texn Rewards will soon include additional information such as pictures, VIN#, row, and color.  We are also adding a field for customers to type in which part they are looking for on the vehicle.  If that is not inspiring enough, then we are adding coupon options to fresh stock notification texts where you can include a small discount if customers come in and purchase their desired parts from your fresh inventory in a time-sensitive fashion.    

Seven minutes after joining our demo campaign, you will receive a sample fresh stock notification text which says the following:

"JUST IN: Paul, You have 2 recently added vehicles at Pick and Pay Central Florida - Click Here-> fresh stock link"

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign

On the fresh stock link landing page, you will see a column with your vehicle picks on the left-hand side.  The second column is labeled “Fresh” and you will see a green car with a checkmark in this column when there is a recently added vehicle considered fresh by your yard standards.  If you click on a vehicle pick with fresh stock, then new inventory will show up under the “Matches” column.  The fresh stock sample text we send out when you join our Demo Campaign may not show the green car with a checkmark when you view the landing page link.  If this is the case, then we can forward you a more recent fresh stock text at your request, so you can see what it looks like when you have fresh stock.  Customers can add additional fresh stock picks from their landing page by pressing the green plus sign at the top and filling out their new pick.  As mentioned earlier, we are in the process of improving the user experience and adding features to improve functionality for yards.  One exciting feature we have recently added is a Vehicle Picks Report which lets you know which cars and/or parts people are requesting. We are currently taking suggestions to enhance the setup configuration and are in the process of creating a FaceBook group for our customers to collaborate with us and let us know their requirements for fresh stock notifications.  We will continue to edit this section as enhancements are made to fresh stock notifications.

Step 7: Inactive Offers

What happens when customers come into your business and sign up on the loyalty portal, but then do not come back in for a month?  Well, we start segmenting your customer list after 30 days and typically classify these customers as inactive.  If they have not returned to your business for a month, then we need to get them back in.  Therefore, we like to send customers a special “We Miss You” offer after 30 days of inactivity which gives them a time-sensitive reason to come back into your business.  We recommend doing the same thing after 60 days and 90 days.  The offers usually get more enticing over time and your 90-day offer serves as a Hail Mary attempt to get them back into a regular cycle of doing business with you.

Eight minutes after joining our demo campaign, you will receive a sample inactive offer which says the following:

"We miss you @ Texn Rewards! Click mobile coupon link and come back within 7 days to get 15% off your purchase."

Texn Rewards Demo Campaign


In summary, stock in phone numbers has never been higher than it is right now.  Investing in collecting customer cell phone numbers will pay dividends later when you send enticing text message offers and bring them back to ring your register again!  Partnering with Texn Rewards has many benefits and self-service salvage yards enjoy a nice return on their investment.  You and your team will receive a copy of the Texn Rewards User Manual upon partnering with us which makes our profitability enhancing features easy to use and understand.  We also provide progress reports for your loyalty portal on a weekly or monthly basis which include key performance indicators (KPI’s).  You will receive monthly reports which detail how many reviews were generated and weekly reports of the vehicles/parts your customers are requesting.  Digital waiver information can be accessed by authorized yard personnel and we are here for every step of the process to collaborate and make sure our program is optimized to work synergistically with your unique business objectives.

Please email if you have any comments/questions regarding our service.  You can also schedule a 30-minute consultation or call 888-688-8492 if you would like to talk with us on the phone. 

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