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Texn Rewards Reviews

I highly recommend Texn Rewards to anyone looking for a way to retain customers and offer text blasts. Their system is top notch and very reliable. Has truly helped my business grow!

Lance Thomas
BYOT Auto Parts

For the last 2 years, Texn Rewards has been our provider for our VIP Discount Program and the results have been amazing! The text rewards program we had prior to Texn Rewards wasn’t very successful, since moving it we now have 30 times the amount of VIP Customers signed up. They will work to help develop a program that fits your needs, from the amount of messages you want to send out, frequency of messages, message content, cleaning out old contacts, etc. Their customer service is top notch, I would and have recommended them to many other Automotive Recycling Yards.

Lloyd Welty
Pick-N-Pull, Inc
San Antonio

Texn Rewards has an awesome suite of products.  They have done a great job of listening to self-service operators and developing a wide range of tools that help streamline customer interactions.  The Sign-in Kiosk captures individual liability waivers and has a simple employee interface that allows Customer Service Reps to verify check-ins.  There is a Reward program that is meaningful to customers without being too much work.  The text system gives the ability to reach targeted groups to communicate sales, coupons or inventory information. It is the cheapest and fastest way to advertise to your existing customers.  The Texn Rewards team works with you to get the most out of the system and help grow sales.  I recommend them to anyone looking to take their customer experience to the next level.

Aaron O’Reilly
GO Pull-It

When you see a great idea, you jump at it.  Texn Rewards is exactly that idea.  The product speaks for itself.  Live capturing of release signatures, as well as their ready to go customer reward program that keeps customers happy without extensive record keeping has been great for us and our customers.  Paul and the Texn Rewards staff provide excellent customer service, and will go that extra mile to make sure you are happy with their product.  I heartily recommend them for every self-service facility.

Gary Lindros
ACE Pick A Part

Midway Auto uses the Texn Rewards program for our three Midway U Pull facilities. The kiosk setup works well to check in customers and capture their completed waiver and contact data. The waivers are saved virtually along with a photo of the customer to reference back to when needed. The system has collected thousands of customers phone numbers so that we can easily communicate directly when we are having a sale. We would highly recommend utilizing the Texn Rewards system, it has been a great asset for us.

Aimee Studna
Midway Auto

Texn Rewards has given us a more intuitive way to interact with our customers. By pinpointing our high value customers we have increase their loyalty through specialized early opportunity sales. We have also increased our brand awareness through continued communication with our less active customers. We launched during this COVID-19 pandemic and the teams customer service has been second to none. We now not only have increased communication, but we have the ability to have limited physical interaction through the check in and out process for everyone’s safety.

Maegan Quinn
Fenix Parts

Texn Rewards does a fantastic job at monitoring market trends, creating SMS campaigns, develop tools and targeting strategies based on demographic data and integration with small business companies with custom development to maximize product value! Terrific products. This product and development team is a 10/10.

Johnny Nonmacher
Tri-State Iron & Metal Company

TexnRewards is fast and easy to set up. The TexnRewards team are a great hands on asset as they assist with setup, scheduling, and customizing your text program. The software is not complicated to figure out on your own, their team helps explain everything you need to know, and the reporting is very intuitive. We are excited to be a part of TexnRewards as they continue to put our industry first.

Bevell’s Pull It Yourself Used Auto Parts

Texn Reward has made things pretty simple for us at our U pull it facilities, from signing our waiver to putting a text right in the hands of our customers. It’s great for keeping track of rewards and coupons and keeping customers up to date with current events and sales. They are continuously working on their program to make it better and easier to use and are very open to new ideas and making it work for us! Paul, Parker, and the rest of the Texn Rewards team are always incredibly helpful and quick to assist with any issues or questions that might pop up. Keep up the great work!

Joey Bellew & Kiley Sizemore
Bessler’s U Pull & Save

Texn has allowed us to give our self-serve customers exactly what they’ve been asking for: text alerts, loyalty rewards, inventory notifications and so much more. On the administrative end the record keeping has been so helpful! I highly recommend them.

Vicky Ramirez
Grade A Auto Parts & Scrap Metal Recycling

The iPull – uPull company is a rapidly expanding company with great software capability and is out there buying yards. The iPull – uPull company recognized that the Texn Rewards software (Just In) can grow with them as they buy more yards.

iPull – uPull Management Team / Texn Rewards joint statement

There was so much uncertainty going into the pandemic. We chose to temporarily close our U Pull It Yard to limit foot traffic. I reached out to the team at Texn Rewards about suspending our services with them until further notice. Even though we have a contract, they did not hesitate to suspend and cancel all charges until we were able to get back to business as usual. In moments of crisis you find out who your real partners are. Not only do they provide a great service, they had my back when I needed it most.

Shan McMillon
Cocoa Auto Salvage, Inc

The system makes it easy to keep track of our Rewards system we had in place already. Our local Law enforcement absolutely LOVES the system!! The first week we had the system in operation we used it twice to print off photos and phone numbers for customers that had stolen from our yard. The Police said they wished every business had a system like this! Our customers like this, as well, we have had several regular customers that watch for their coupons to come to their phone.

Donna Schuette
Tri-State U-Wrench And Save

Texnrewards has many new products that have developed the most advanced technology of yards You pull it, I recommend software because we are on the Texas border and we visit a lot of people from Mexico and this helps us to have more communication with our customers through Texnrewards..

Texnrewards Tiene muchos productos nuevos que han desarrollado la tecnologia mas avanzada de las yardas You pull it ,Recomiendo el software porque estamos en el Bordo de Texas y nos visita mucha gente de mexico y esto nos ayuda a tener mas comunicacion con nuestros clientes mediante Texnrewards..

Chriz Hernandez
Spot My Part

Great product for connecting to your customer base. Highly recommended.

David Lewandowski
BYOT Auto Parts

Great company to work with, Paul and his staff are on point and very helpful! Texn Rewards have added great value to our company and helped add to our growing customer base! Highly Recommend!!!

Cory Dixon
U-Pull And Save – Mason

Top 4 ways Texn Rewards can IMPROVE your salvage yard:

#1:          Build a customer list FASTER than any other marketing service and make a return on your investment by sending out texts which give customers a reason to come back.  Stop the hassle of handling paper waivers and gain the benefit of building a marketing list at the same time.  Build a list of thousands of customers, notify them of important info, and put your business in the palm of your customers hand.

#2:          Give your customers REAL-TIME ACCESS to your inventory.  Our inventory notification system, Just In, plugs into your inventory process and sends real-time text alerts based on customer preferred specifications.  No more dealing with questions such as “When will you get XYZ vehicle in? Can you let me know when it arrives?”  Instead, point them to sign up for Just In, and Texn Rewards will make sure they are notified the first day your vehicles are no longer in a holding status.  Just In integrates with Crush and URG data transfer for Pinnacle or Powerlink yards.

#3           Save TIME and get a dedicated account manager with experience developing marketing plans for salvage yards.  Once we understand your business and what you are looking to accomplish with a marketing strategy, then we will customize a plan which accomplishes your objectives.  We provide white glove service and plan ahead so you can focus on other important objectives.  We also have a quick response time to inquiries and are able to handle urgent requests. 

#4:          We have a comprehensive report which tracks TRENDS/SEASONAL FLUCTUATIONS for your yard and we make it easy to determine if you are in a normal range.  We can also determine which coupons are working, which ones we need to stop sending, and which ones we may want to change.  The reports are intuitive once you understand the data elements being tracked.  You will understand what your base line number is for each metric so you can see trends and understand why they are happening.  Understanding why the trends are happening will help you make decisions to positively influence the trends.  Some trends you may notice include an increase in returning customers over time, increased attendance during certain times of year, increases/decreases in the percentage of English/Spanish customers, increases/decreases in different coupons, and increase/decrease in opt out rate.

Our rates are very reasonable for the amount of value we provide. Find our product list here -> https://www.texnrewards.com/2020/10/14/products/

Email us at info@texnrewards.com to find out more about our marketing programs.


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