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Post Date: July 20, 2020

Text Marketing For Results

Text Marketing For Results


 This article will be in the September – October 2020 Automotive Recycling Magazine


Which are the best offers to send out via text?

The best offers are between 20% – 50% off and on items such as tires/wheels, engines, transmissions, or any part which has high volume.  Free Entry weekend is a successful offer as well.  Occasionally, all inventory in the yard is good if you want to drive in a lot of traffic.  Salvage yards often come up with creative sales such as Spin The Wheel, Find The Special Ticket, or All You Can Carry which are consistently successful campaigns.  Smaller salvage yards can use 10% – 15% and see results with text marketing.  With COVID-19 making it more difficult to find inventory, Ca$H For Junk Car campaigns are popular right now.


How often should a company send text offers?

Once per week or bigger sales less frequently.  It is best to send a text out on Thursday to notify customers of a sale from Friday – Saturday or Friday – Sunday if you are open on Sundays.   

How many text messages should a company send out every month?

It is smart to budget your advertising spending and start small while you build your database of subscribers.  Your monthly advertising spend is positively correlated with your monthly message volume no matter which vendor you use for mobile marketing.  As you grow your subscriber base, then you may need to increase your monthly message volume in order to send the message to all of your subscribers.  More text message offers usually correlate positively with success for your text marketing campaign.  Another option is to set a firm budget for your monthly advertising spend and create target list groups to stay within your required budget.  For example, if you have 1,000 subscribers and want to send a weekly offer to every subscriber then you will need 4,000 messages per month for offers.  If your monthly offer budget is 2,000 messages, then you will need to create a target list which identifies only 500 subscribers per week who will receive the message instead of all 1,000.  The target list could be something like “Only customers who have checked in within the past month”, “Only customers who have not checked in for two months”, or “Only customers who have checked in at least three times”. 

How much work is it to start a mobile marketing campaign for your business?

It is simple to find a vendor for mobile marketing and you can find hundreds of vendors with a quick Google search.  One key distinction you will find when researching mobile marketing companies is whether they are self service or full service.  Self service is the “do-it-yourself” approach and full service is the “set it and forget it” approach.  Full-service usually requires occasional email or phone correspondence with your vendor, but there is someone who does the work for you and it can save time.  Usually full service companies allow customers to do it themselves if they prefer to as long as they follow all TCPA and Carrier regulations.  Another key distinction is how customers join the campaigns.  Some mobile marketing companies offer Text2Join only where customers have to text in to join.  Other mobile marketing companies offer Text2Join and/or the ability for customers to join by entering their number in on a tablet inside your business. 

How can your product connect customers with product?

We can include a link in your text offers which will make it easier for customers to access pages on your Website such as Just In Notifications, Search Inventory, Parts Price List, or Sell Your Car.  For more information, please contact Texn Rewards at 8886888492.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

Parker is an Account Manager for Texn Rewards and assists in other areas of the business. He is focused on building the most effective mobile marketing campaigns for self-service salvage yards.

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