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Post Date: August 10, 2020

2 Great Ways To Add New Customers

2 Great Ways To Add New Customers


A giant question facing most businesses is “How can I get new customers this day, week, month, or year?”  There are many ways to do this with traditional advertising such as billboards, radio, and tv commercials.  In the modern era, boosting your SEO optimization and online lead generation is a great avenue to take.  Let’s say you boost your SEO optimization and your Website/FaceBook pages are two of the top search results when someone searches for “Self-Service Salvage Yards” in their area on Google.  Now, they are looking at your Website home page or FaceBook page and deciding whether they are going to visit your business for the first time.  In this situation, the question now becomes “How can I convert this prospect into a new customer?”

Two proven ways to accomplish this are by adding Join Widgets on your website and FaceBook pages.

Website Join Widget

We can add customers to your Texn Rewards campaign by asking these prospects to fill out a form.  By filling out the form, we are letting them know that they will be included on future sale notifications.  Prospects will receive the legal opt-in text when they complete the form.  This alone will help you convert some of these prospects into customers.  If you want to convert a greater percentage of these prospects into customers right away, then we can send a time-sensitive coupon upon them joining such as Free Entry: Valid for 14 days.  Most entry fees are anywhere from $1 – $5 so you would be sacrificing that entry fee in exchange for gaining a new customer.  That is a good Customer Acquisition Cost when the Lifetime Value of that customer is likely going to be many times that.  

Below is an example of a Website Join Widget: 

Note:     Notice the full legal disclaimer which meets our standards is listed below the call-to-action.  For more information on Legal Disclaimers, please see this post from the Automotive Recycling Magazine.

FaceBook Join Widget

These widgets work the same as the website widgets except they are usually pinned to the top your FaceBook page.  Also, FaceBook mandates that you must have at least 2,000 likes on your FaceBook page before you qualify by FaceBooks standards to create a join widget form.  Once you qualify, then our team can implement this form on your FaceBook page and it will work the same way as your website widget.   

Once these widgets are implemented, then we will be able to track the new customers coming from these sources.  With our new Data Analytics, we can now tell you how many New Customers vs. Returning Customers you attracted each month.    

Contact us if you are interested in implementing Join Widgets into your campaign strategy.  The best way to reach us by email is info@texnrewards.com

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

Parker is an Account Manager for Texn Rewards and assists in other areas of the business. He is focused on building the most effective mobile marketing campaigns for self-service salvage yards.

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