How To Correctly Import Your Mobile Marketing Contacts - Texn Rewards How To Correctly Import Your Mobile Marketing Contacts - Texn Rewards
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Post Date: August 10, 2020

How To Correctly Import Your Mobile Marketing Contacts

How To Correctly Import Your Mobile Marketing Contacts


The absolute most important concept you must understand before importing contacts is that doing everything completely legally is the most important thing.  While importing your entire list from your old program and hitting the ground running may sound appealing initially, you want to make sure it does not come at the expense of customers threatening litigation or the TCPA fining you $500 – $1,500 per violation.  You bring much more stability and safety to the situation by completely following the rules.

If you are switching from another text message company to Texn Rewards, then you may want to import the contacts from your pre-existing list so you do not have to start completely from scratch.  In order to import contacts, we will need to ensure that all TCPA and Carrier guidelines were adhered to in your previous program.  We will need a copy of the legal disclaimer language which should be displayed below the call-to-action for your previous program.  This language needs to include the following:

If all TCPA and Carrier guidelines were adhered to in your previous campaign, then we should be able to opt these contacts in without asking for permission again.  However, most mobile marketing companies do not have the same high level of standards regarding this and may not have the full disclaimer we recommend.  If your previous program does not meet our disclaimer standards, then you have two options:

Option #1: Send a One-Time TCPA Invite

This involves sending a one-time message from the new system asking your current list to reply back in order to continue receiving messages. 

This message may say: “Texn Rewards Alers: Reply Y to continue receiving our text alerts & get a Free Entry! 9 msg/mo. Consent not req’d to buy.” 

If you offer something of value for replying, then you get a higher conversion rate.  Our system will recognize “Y”, “YES”, “OK”, “SURE”, & “RENEW” and opt these contacts into the Texn Rewards campaign.  They will receive an opt in message which reiterates what the customer opted into. 

Option #2: Send Text From The Old System

We can text customers from your old system and let them know how to join your new campaign.  We do this be telling them to text your keyword to our new short-code in order to join.  This is the TEXT2JOIN method.  Option #1 with sending a TCPA invite has a higher conversion rate since all they have to do is respond “Y”.  With this option, there are a few additional steps we are asking the customer to do and it is not as easy to opt in.  Asking customers to do this is often asking too much from them.  Therefore, option #1 is recommended.

Note:  As importers, we will import contacts who joined your previous program within the past two years.  To do this, we will need an exported file of contacts from your previous text marketing company. 

Please contact us if you want to import contacts from a previous text marketing company.  The best way to reach us by email is

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

Parker is an Account Manager for Texn Rewards and assists in other areas of the business. He is focused on building the most effective mobile marketing campaigns for self-service salvage yards.

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