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Post Date: August 11, 2020

9 Key Attributes of a Mobile Coupon

9 Key Attributes of a Mobile Coupon


This is a way for customers to redeem coupons and for your to track how many coupons were redeemed.  This information can help you assess which coupons are more successful and what changes, if any, need to be made to the coupons.  A mobile coupon is a link we can attach to a text message.  We commonly use these for rewards, fresh stock notifications, and inactive offers.  When mobile coupons are attached to a text, then each phone number who receives the text is issued a unique mobile coupon.  If a customer clicks on the mobile coupon link, then they are redirected to the landing page with additional information and a redeem button.  Typically, we include the following nine things on a mobile coupon:

#1: Business Logo

This is the first thing your customer sees when they click on the mobile coupon link.

#2: Button which shows ALL Coupons

Clicking the button which says “MY BUSINESS NAME COUPONS” will go to a page which shows all available, redeemed, and expired coupons. There is also a profile tab where you can change key attributes associated with your phone number.

#3: Title of the coupon

This is extremely important when it comes time to track which coupons are most successful and do the Data Analytics. We try to differentiate the name of the coupon based on the function it serves for your campaign. For example, a Free Entry coupon for opting in is typically called “Welcome: Free Entry”.  A reward for checking in 5 times is typically “Reward: 20% Off”.  An inactive offer is typically listed as “Hurry Back: 15% Off”.  The percentages vary, but the general concept is the same.

#4: Custom Picture or Generic Picture

The default photo for Mobile Coupons is listed below and this will be what we include on all Mobile Coupons unless you have custom photos you want to include.  

#5: Description of the coupon

This is where we recommend that the dates this coupon are valid are listed.  If it is an initial opt-in reward, loyalty reward, or inactive offer – then we will say how many days the coupon is valid from when it was issued.

#6: Button to redeem the coupon

This is the most important attribute for mobile coupons because these redemptions are tracked and this provides insight on which coupons work better than others. 

#7: Button for Map & Directions to your business

#8: Button which links for your website

This link will only work if your website is secured meaning it starts with “https://” instead of “http://”.

#9: Button which links to our Terms & Conditions

This is not meant to be legal advice, but our terms and conditions can be found here. Some customers prefer to get with their attorney and come up with their own terms of service and either way works.

In conclusion, mobile coupons are great for opt-in rewards, loyalty rewards, inactive offers, just in notifications, and broadcast offers in some instances.  However, they are not always the best for broadcast offers depending on a few factors I will discuss in a later Blog Post. 

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Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns. Please reach out to me by emailing parker@texnrewards.com or our group email box at info@texnrewards.com.

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