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Post Date: August 12, 2020

Solving Self-Service Problems With Just In Notifications – Crush Yards Primarily and also Pinnacle/Powerlink

Solving Self-Service Problems With Just In Notifications – Crush Yards Primarily and also Powerlink/Pinnacle

How many times do customers come up to your employees and ask if you have a certain vehicle in stock? 

All of the time, we’ve heard your stories.  I understand that super advanced and helpful software exists at most yards which helps you direct your customers where they should go look.  Let’s just say they go look where you told them to look, but do not find the parts on the vehicle.  Either they have already been picked off by someone else or they were not there to begin with.

So, how often does someone come up to your employees after looking and not finding what they are looking for to ask “Can you let me know when you get ABC vehicle into the yard?”

We are not there on a daily basis to see how often this occurs, but have heard stories that it happens consistently.  We also know that customers text in all of the time and ask if you have a certain vehicle in stock or “How much for XYZ part?”  We respond to those texts with whatever sort of standard response you all like such as letting them know to contact the yard with the phone number for more information. 

However, how do you respond when customers ask to be notified of ABC vehicle after checking in the yard and not finding what they were looking for?

Most of you all have a website with Inventory Search ability for customers so that would be a good place to direct them.  Some of you all have a FaceBook page where pictures are posted of each new vehicle whenever they are set in the yard and open to the public.  This is also a great place to send them, but both of these routes require action from the customer in order to get the answer.

A few yards with Information Technology teams develop their own processes to solve this communication problem.  They add a way for customers to add the vehicles they are looking for on an online landing page or in store.  Then, they notify customers either via text or email when the vehicle arrives and is available. 

What a novel idea!  Technology can be great at times.  However, these companies usually have many locations all over the country thus providing them with an expansive budget for projects such as this. 

What about for all of the other self-service salvage yards with only a few locations? The big companies do not want to share with all of the other yards which makes sense because they are usually competitors in certain cities. So, who is providing this service to all of the salvage yards who need this service?

That is where Just In Notifications from Texn Rewards comes in.  It is simple for your customers to sign up for and lets them know by text when the exact vehicles they are looking for arrive and are available to the public. 

The process goes like this:

Step 1:       Customer comes into the yard and does not find all of the vehicle(s) or part(s) they are looking for.


Step 2:       The customer asks you if you can let them know when the vehicle arrives. 


Step 3:       You tell them to go over to the Just In station and enter the vehicles they are looking for.  The Just In station is a dedicated kiosk near your exit where customers enter their vehicles prior to leaving. 


Step 4:       We automatically text your customer when the vehicle they are looking for arrives. 


Step 5:       Customers can add or delete their vehicle selections anytime they want to.


Step 6:       You get a report each week of the vehicles requested by your customers as they were leaving your yard.

Note: If you do not want to have a Just In station, then we can send your customers a text to go add their vehicles online. They will just need to join your campaign.

Kiosk Sign Up

Step 1:       Enter your phone number on the front page and then you get to the page where it says “Receive Notices When These Vehicles Arrive in Inventory”.

Step 2:       Click “Add New Vehicle”

Step 3:       Fill out the form and click the “Add” button.

Step 4:       Click “Update”

Website Sign Up

Step 1:       Find the page on your website for adding vehicle picks

Step 2:       Fill out the form and click “Next”

Step 4:       Add another vehicle alert to your landing page by clicking “Add a vehicle alert”.

Step 5:       Fill out the form and click “Add”

Just In Texts

“JUST IN: You have # recently added vehicles at business name https://#personalizedlandingpagelink”

This text will let your customers know how many recently added vehicles match their vehicle alert criteria. We include the name of your business in every text so customers know who the message is from. The most important part of the Just In text is the landing page link because customers can learn a lot more about the new vehicles by clicking this link. Complete the following process for more vehicle information.

Step 1:       Click the Just In landing page link

Step 2:       Click on one of your vehicle alerts that have a green car with a checkmark. This indicates that these vehicles have been added to the yard within the past seven days. Notice that new vehicles appear on the righthand side with the number of days since they were added to the yard.

Step 3:       Click on one of the new vehicles and a popup box will appear. This box will include vehicle information such as year, make, model, color, row, date added, and picture.

Note: Since there are no guarantees that the parts of interest will be there, then it may make sense to attach a coupon to these texts and we offer that option for you.  A good offer to your customers would be free admission for a limited time. This will allow customers to check if the parts they are interested in are on the vehicle without making a special trip, paying admission, and not finding what they were looking for. 

If you are a Self-Service Salvage yard and do not yet have this service, then you can reach out to us at or 888-688-8492.  If you are in the industry, then you can also join our private FaceBook Forum called Self-Service Salvage Yard Marketing with Texn Rewards.  Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns. Please reach out to me by emailing or our group email box at

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