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Post Date: August 19, 2020

How To Redeem Mobile Coupons

How To Redeem Mobile Coupons


Change is not easy and one thing every customer wants to know when integrating our service is how the mobile coupons work.  They want to make sure it is going to be simple and easy to implement.  Here is a quick rundown of how coupons work with our system. 

Coupons are generated either when someone earns a loyalty reward or when you want to send out a text message and attach a coupon to the text.  Each phone number is issued a unique coupon which is redeemable using one of the following methods:

#1: Customers can redeem the coupon on their mobile phone.

Step 1 –      Click on the mobile coupon link. Your internet browser will open up to the Mobile Coupon.

Step 2 –      Scroll down and press “REDEEM”

Step 3 –      Press “OK”. A countdown clock will start at “30 Mins 0 secs” and begin counting down.

Step 4 –      Customer shows this screen to an employee within 30 minutes to redeem.

Note:          After 30 minutes, the Mobile Coupon will say “Coupon has Expired”. A timestamp will display for when it was redeemed.

#2: Employees can redeem coupons for customers on Check-In Manager.

Step 1 –      Search for the customers phone number on Check-In Manager

Step 2 –      If they have Active Coupons, then you will see a green bar next to Coupons.  Click on a green bar and then a screen will pop up showing all active coupons.

Step 3 –      Confirm with the customer which coupon they want to redeem and then press the redeem button. 

Note:          You can click the up arrow next to the coupon to see the description and expiration date.

All coupon redemptions will show up on the Coupon Redemptions Log and Kiosk Summary Report.  We also have new Data Analytics so we can show you which coupons are working and which ones might need to be adjusted so they work better.  If this kind of content is helpful and you are in the auto salvage business, then you may want to consider joining our FaceBook Forum.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns. Please reach out to me by emailing or our group email box at

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