The Art of Reestablishing Communication with Disgruntled Customers - Texn Rewards The Art of Reestablishing Communication with Disgruntled Customers - Texn Rewards
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Post Date: August 21, 2020

The Art of Reestablishing Communication with Disgruntled Customers

The Art of Reestablishing Communication with Disgruntled Customers


What happens when customers come in to your business one or multiple times and then completely lose attraction?

Maybe they really liked your business and totally wanted to keep getting your discounts, but an employee said something to them one time without thinking it out which hurt and caused them to immediately pull away.  Maybe you just were not sending them enough discounts and there were plenty of other competitors graciously giving out discounts.  Regardless of the reason, they are now gone and if you try to chase them then they will run away even quicker. 

So, what do you do in this situation?

You got yourself in a little bit of a pickle there, buddy. Immediately, you need to completely cut off communication for a while and do nothing. 

A few weeks later, you can send them a text with a discount and try to reestablish communication. Waiting will give them a chance to miss your business and remember all of the positive experiences they had there.  There are some of these customers who will miss your business enough to forgive what occurred in the past and give your business another chance.     

Customers are not always going to respond after getting your text, and if not then it’s fine.  Just let it go.  You either win or you learn in life.  There are plenty of other customers in the sea and your business still provides a lot of value.  The esteem of your business cannot rely on whether upset customers come back and your business is stellar anyways so just keep doing all of the things that enable your business to be a top-notch business.  

Cool, I get it. So how do you properly reestablish communication with Texn Rewards?

It’s called inactive offers and the Texn Rewards system can be programmed to automatically send these out when a customer has not been back in quite some time.  Maybe they still think about your business from time to time so they will be happy to hear from you.  We typically recommend sending one out after 30 days since customers last checking in on the kiosk.  Then, we may send one more 3-6 months later, but we do not want to send too many of these.  Sometimes, there are other reasons why customers do not return such as living out of state.

Inactive Offer example: “We miss you @ Texn Rewards. Come back within 30 days and get 20% off! #CouponLink”

The coupon link will go to a landing page where the customer can redeem the coupon at your business.  I did a blog post on How To Redeem Mobile Coupons.

Note: If you are already sending broadcasts and offering these customers discounts, then inactive offers are unnecessary.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns. Please reach out by emailing or our group email box at

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