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Post Date: August 25, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a list of questions we have compiled over the first few years in the self-service salvage yard space:

What if someone does not want to give a phone number?

Customers do not have to provide their phone number, but they will not get the extra benefits of the rewards program and special offer text messages if they do not. If someone does not want to enter any phone number, then they can press “Opt Out / Optar Por No” and they will only have to sign the digital waiver. They have to do one or the other because they have to sign the waiver at every visit to enter the yard.  

What if someone does not have a phone number?

Almost everyone has some sort of phone number. Customers can even enter a landline phone number and the system will act as a digital punch card for the rewards program. They will still be able to enjoy the rewards, but will not get any promotional text messages. If a customer has absolutely no phone number, then we will have those people opt out and sign the digital waiver. 

What if someone only has one name?

If someone only has one name listed on their drivers license, then we will have them enter their one name in both the first and last name fields.

Do customers have to enter their name in every single time if they opt-out?

Yes, we have customers enter their name at every single visit if they opt-out. The waiver signatures are oftentimes hard to read or a smiley face and we want to associate a first and last name with the signature. In the event that someone enters a false name, we have a picture to help identify the customer. However, if a customer opts in with their phone number, then the system associates their name with their phone number so they will not be asked to enter their name again.

What happens if a person puts (999) 999-9999 and Brittany Spears as their name?

If they want to sign in like that, then they are effectively opting out because they will not receive any of the added benefits from the program. We have a picture which will help identify the few customers who may do this.

How much equipment do you recommend starting out with?

Most businesses can operate effectively with 1-2 check-in stations and access Check-In Manager from a desktop internet browser when needed. You can also have a separate station for customer to make their vehicle picks in the event that they do not find what they are looking for and want to be notified when a specific year range, make, and model arrives. If you do not have computers for your employees at the front of your business, then you may want to consider purchasing a computer so they can confirm customers checked in before entering the business. This can be done on a kiosk as well. If you want employees to redeem mobile coupons issued to customers, then you may want to consider a computer or kiosk for your cashier to access Check-In Manager at checkout. Customers can also show their phone within 30 minutes of redeeming a coupon so it is not necessary to have the cashier look this up.

How often should businesses broadcast?

The most effective way to broadcast is to send a weekly special every week and constantly come up with creative ideas for your broadcasts.  For many yards, this is too much on the couponing front and we need to dial it back to something that works best for them. We may take a couple of months, but with our Data Analytics we will be able to find what works best for you.

Should we send SMS or MMS broadcasts?

SMS is the most common type of broadcast by far because it is half the cost of MMS. MMS allows you to send much longer messages and it looks more like an email. MMS also allows you to attach media content such as pictures and video. However, we recommend using SMS and attaching mobile coupons when you have more you need to say because it is half the cost. There are exceptions where it makes more sense to send MMS, but only when media rich content is absolutely necessary.

What is the best way to implement coupon redemptions?

If you attach mobile redeemable coupons to a text, then it is best to have customers redeem these on their phone. Cashiers can simply look at the customers’ mobile coupon to confirm their discount within 30 minutes of redeeming. This makes it easier on the employees because they do not have to login on Check-In Manager and look up the customer by phone number to verify. Each customer is issued a unique mobile coupon so it is impossible for them to scam the system. However, mobile redeemable coupons are not needed if everyone gets the discount.

Which yard management systems integrate with Just In notifications?

We can send Just In notifications for salvage yards who use any yard management service. If you want pictures of your vehicles included on the landing page, then there may be a couple of additional steps to get this implemented. How do I know that my broadcasts are bringing in more customers? If you look at your Kiosk Summary Report, then you can analyze the amount of total kiosk activity after sending a broadcast. You can also analyze the Coupon Redemptions Log if a mobile redeemable coupon was attached to the broadcast.

When is the best time to ask customers to leave a review?

A few hours after they redeem a reward is the most opportune time to ask for a review.

How often do are the reports sent out?

Kiosk Summary Reports are sent every Monday morning for the past seven days of activity. They are also sent on the first of every month for the last month of activity. Check-In Reports are sent every Monday for the past seven days of activity. We can also send a daily version, if needed. Coupon Redemption Logs are sent every Monday for the past seven days of activity. Vehicle Picks Reports are sent every Monday for the past seven days of activity. Reviews & Reputation Management Reports are sent on the first of every month for the past month of activity.

How can we set up broadcasting on autopilot?

Let us know you wish to do this and we will send you a sample broadcast schedule. Once we agree upon a schedule, then we will send a reminder email a few days before each broadcast is supposed to send. This will allow you the opportunity to make any edits, if needed. It will also let you know how many texts are scheduled to send out so we can keep you within your message budget.

What happens if the TCPA requirements are not adhered to?

This opens up the possibility of fines or litigation. It is best to take compliance seriously and make sure all of the rules are followed.  When in doubt, be overly conservative and follow the rules better than even the TCPA/Carrier’s expect. With Texn Rewards, we help make sure you are totally in compliance with all mobile marketing campaigns so this will not be a concern for you.

What is the double opt in process?

Double opt-ins are usually for age restricted businesses such as liquor, guns, or cannabis (in states which this is legal). It provides an additional layer of security and can be used for any type of business so you have written consent. It is not a requirement, but is an option if you want to be ultra conservative. Since we have a legal disclaimer below our call to action on the check-in kiosk, we follow all rules with our process without the double opt-in. After someone opts in on our kiosk, then they receive the #001 welcome message which reiterates what the customer just agreed to on the kiosk and lets them know how to opt out of the program if they wish. By adding a double opt-in, then the first text would say “Reply Y to confirm your opt-in and receive ongoing offers from Texn Rewards. Consent not req’d to buy. 9 msg/mo.” If the customer replies “Y”, then they will receive the #001 welcome message.  Adding the double opt-in feature will cut down on the number of subscribers that are added, but it is not a bad idea for huge operations who are concerned that one out of their thousands of weekly customers may sue and they do not want to deal with it even though all rules were followed. These operations have so much business that it will not hurt to get fewer opt-ins and they will still have plenty of people to text.  

If you have a question which is not answered here, then do not hesitate to reach out to us at  I will add it to the list of frequently asked questions and keep you in the loop as to our answer.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns. Please reach out to me by emailing or our group email box at

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