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Post Date: August 25, 2020

Self-Service Customer Experience with Recommended Settings

Self-Service Customer Experience with Recommended Settings


This is a step-by-step guide of the customer experience with Texn Rewards using our recommended settings. 

See above for an example of our Home Kiosk screen. Your business logo will be displayed at the top. There is a telephone keypad and instructions below the logo. Oftentimes, customers quickly catch on and understand the purpose of the number keypad without any explanation. Many have used similar systems at the grocery store or other type of business. Some customers may need further assistance to understand the check-in process. It helps for employees to understand this process so they can help customers who may need additional reassurance or help when the system is first implemented.

The check-in process is as follows:

Step 1 - Make the decision of whether to opt in or opt out.

If opting in, then enter a 10-digit phone number. Once 10 digits are entered, press “Continue in English” or “Continuar en Espanol”. If opting out, then press “Opt Out / Optar Por No”. You will not receive text message rewards or discounts if you opt out of providing your phone number. Also, you will not need to enter your phone number to opt out.

Note: The legal disclaimer is displayed below each of these “call-to-action” buttons. The legal disclaimer says “By pressing continue, you are signing up to receive automated text alerts and marketing calls from an autodialer system or live person. Consent to receive automated text alerts and marketing calls not required for purchase. Approx 9 msgs/mo. Msg & Data Rates May Apply. Reply HELP for HELP, STOP ALL to cancel. Ts & Cs / Privacy Policy” The Spanish translation is the same. By pressing either of these buttons, customers are opting into receiving ongoing marketing messages for your business. Also, the kiosk will not let you opt-in until 10 digits are entered.  Once the 10th digit is entered, then the buttons above your legal disclaimer will turn green and customers can pick their language to opt-in.

Step 2 - Enter your first and last name

If it is the first time your customer is checking in with their number, then we will collect their first and last name. This name will be saved to their phone number so they do not have to enter it again. Once the customers’ first and last name have been entered, then they can press the “Next” button.

Note: Customers who opt-out will have to enter their name every time they check in. We will not have a saved phone number and each signed liability waiver needs a name associated with it. 

Step 3 - Read the liability waiver in your preferred language and choose "I Accept” if your customer agrees. You can scroll through the entire waiver with the bar on the right-hand side.

Note: You can toggle between the languages in case you accidentally picked the wrong language.  

Step 4 - Sign your name and press "Next/Finish"

Note: If your customer presses “Cancel”, then no check-in will be recorded. Customers should not be allowed into the yard until their a signed liability waiver is confirmed. This is confirmed on the Check-In Manager “check-ins” screen.

Step 5 - Check-In Complete!

The last page informs customers that their check-in is successfully completed.  It will let them know how many check-ins they are from earning a reward and what the reward will be.  If no buttons are pressed, then this screen redirects to Kiosk Home within a few seconds. Information such as name, vehicle picks, and active coupons can be accessed or edited.

Note: If this is your first time checking in and you opted in, then you will receive a text message confirming you opted into the campaign.

If you are interested in learning more, then do not hesitate to email for a free consultation and demo.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns.

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