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Post Date: August 26, 2020

Responding to Technological Advancements for Self-Service Salvage Yards – 8 Check-In Manager Improvements

Responding to Technological Advancements for Self-Service Salvage Yards -
8 Check-In Manager Improvements


We were originally introduced to the self-service salvage yard space in 2017. Self-service salvage yards wanted to market their businesses by texting their customers and they also wanted to move away from collecting paper liability waiver signatures.  There were many issues with collecting paper waivers and salvage yard owners thought that surely there would be a way to circumvent this problem by taking advantage of advances in technology. If they could also integrate a mobile marketing program into this solution, then that would be even better!

We strongly believe that technology can be an asset to even the most resistant of business niches if integrated correctly.  Many folks subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” mantra, but it is in our nature to constantly evolve.  If there are better alternatives available, then it is smart to check them out.

Nobody was stepping up to the plate and we were in the right place at the right time, so we broke ground on development in 2017.  The result is our kiosk which is customized for self-service salvage yards.  Check here if you want a detailed breakdown of the user experience.  The twin to our kiosk is Check-In Manager. 

Check-In Manager is a resource for self-service salvage yards which enables you to collect liability related data and protect your business. We built it with the objective of meshing the liability waiver process with text marketing.  In addition to creating these resources for self-service salvage yards, we understand that constant evolution is even more important than delivering a one-time product.  As soon as you stop constantly evolving, then your customers go shopping.  Because of this, we have built an in-house IT team which constantly adds new features to Check-In Manager.  Here are some recent improvements we have added:

#1: Daily Count, Daily Kiosk Opt-Outs and Location Filter

This information is displayed at the top of the check-ins page.  You can filter by location if you have multiple locations or show all locations at once.  Daily count is how many total check-ins total have been recorded since the beginning of the current day. Daily Kiosk Opt-Outs is the count for how many customers press the red “Opt Out / Optar Por No” button instead of their phone number.  Both of these numbers update in real time.

#2: Filter by Mobile / Filter by Name

If you want to look up a customer, then you can search by mobile number or name.  Pick which filter you want and then search for it in the box to the right. It will give you the total number of check-ins for the customer you search for along with the information for each check-in. For demonstration purposes, all pictures have been blacked out. Typically, these will show the picture we take at each check-in.

#3: Filter by Date

If you filter by date, then the results will display in reverse chronological order meaning the most recently timestamped check-ins will display first.  Hopefully, I did not muddy the water on that explanation.

#4: Next Page / Page Back

Each page displays 35 check-ins and they start on page 1 in reverse chronological order. If you are looking for a particular customer who checked in earlier that day, then you might scroll through the first page. This would be the best way to find them if you do not know their name or phone number because you can look at the pictures for the person you remember seeing.  If you get through the first page and do not find them, then you can go to the next page which shows the next 35 check-ins.  Pretty self-explanatory, but that is how it works and you can also go back to the last page.

#5: Download a Liability Waiver

We hope you do not have to download a liability waiver very often, but one of our primary objectives is to keep your business protected. In the event that you need proof that a customer signed your waiver, then you find the check-in and press the download button at the top left. The download button opens a pdf document which contains all the needed information.

#6: Adding Notes

There are a few reasons you may want to add a note for a customer. One big reason is if you want to ban a customer from your yard. To add a note, just click the Notes button on the left hand side, type your note, and add it. Then, it will display above the customers photo each time they check-in. 

#7: Left Menu Display

When you select a check-in on the right hand side, then the following information is displayed on the left side:

#1- Photo taken during the signature process and signature. These prove that the liability waiver were signed.

#2- Timestamp of the signature. This will be in the timezone that your device is in.  

#3- Coupons issued to this phone number. If there are active coupons, then it will be a green bar. If there are past coupons which have expired, then it will be a blue bar. If no coupons have been issued to this phone number, then a gray bar will display. This blog post explains how to redeem coupons

#4- Next Coupon shows how many check-ins they are from earning their next reward and which reward it is. 

#5- Language will either be English or Spanish depending on which language the customer signed up for.

#6- Sometimes, yards collect info such as Date of Birth or Zip Code. 

#7- This will usually be the specific yard location city that the check-in occurred at.

#8- Picks are the vehicle alerts that this customer has signed up for. For more information on how to sign up for vehicle alerts, please visit this blog post.

#9- When Re-Check says “No”, then it is the customers first check-in of the day and counts towards rewards.  Sometimes, customers go back to their car to get a tool and then re-enter. We want to make sure they do not get credit for two check-ins towards a reward in one day. If it says “Yes”, then it means the customer has already checked in at least once for the day.

#10- Voids are to cancel out a check-in. This cannot be undone.

#8: Customizing View Options

You may want to adjust which information is displayed, the order in which it is displayed, or the font size.  If you want to make adjustments, then click the gear icon next to the location filter.  The items highlighted in blue will display and you can drag them up or down to change the order. 

Below is an example of what the Check-ins screen looks like as a whole.

If you are interested in learning more, then do not hesitate to email for a free consultation and demo. 

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns.

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