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Post Date: September 1, 2020

My Customer Is Complaining He/She Is Not Receiving Texts!! Here’s what happened…

My Customer Is Complaining He/She Is Not Receiving Texts!! Here's what happened...


This is a problem we have dealt with hundreds of times and I am here to explain why this is happening.  There are completely logical reasons why this is happening and a step-by-step process to figure it out. You can always shoot us an email to and we will figure out why it happened for your particular situation. 

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons This Happens:

#1: They did not ever check-in to the kiosk with the correct number.

Customers must check-in at the kiosk in order to get the opt-out message.  The first thing you should check is Check-In Manager at  Filter by mobile number or name and see if this customer has ever checked in.  If “Check-ins by user” is more than 0, then this is not the issue. If they have checked in, then this is not the issue.

#2: There was an issue on the Delivery Report

We deliver the text messages to your customers carrier and then the carrier delivers it to the customer. This is how it works no matter which text message company you use. The carrier then sends a delivery report for each text and lets us know the status.  If there is an issue reported by the carrier to us, then this is something your customer will need to take up with their service provider to resolve going forward.

 To find out the delivery status of the message sent to your customer, then you want to login to the Client Portal (  You want to go to Reports -> Sent Log and fill out the search.  The status will then show.

Here are the most common statuses on the Carrier Delivery Reports:

Delivered: SMS was delivered to the handset successfully. If it is a premium message, then billing was successful.

Failed: SMS did not reach the handset due to a temporary error.  Examples of this are if the customer is using a prepaid phone and runs out of message credits. Other examples are if your customer has their phone turned off or is roaming.

Buffered: This means the message is still processing.  It is not final confirmation of delivery or failure.

N/A: Unfortunately, not all carriers provide delivery reports for standard rate messages. If the delivery report says “N/A” it means the message was passed along to the carrier without a problem, but unfortunately, we cannot confirm that the message was passed from the carrier to the end user. The only reason that a message with this delivery status would not reach the customers phone is if they have an issue with their cell phone service.

It is important to mention that no system is perfect 100% of the time (unless you’re Amazon). This is not a problem that is specific to our text marketing company and will be an issue across the board no matter which company you use. Due to the high volume of customers in the Self-Service Salvage Yard Industry, there will be a small percentage of messages which are not delivered successfully.

#3: They Opted Out

If your customer ever responded back with “stop” (not case-sensitive) included in their message, then they were opted out of the campaign. 

You can check this in the received log by going to Reports -> Received Log and searching for the phone number.  If you want to opt the customer back into your program, then you want to delete their opted out contact information and then manually opt them back in.  Contact an account manager and we can help with this.

There are a couple other reasons which could happen every once in a blue moon, but they are not usually the reason customers are complaining. For example, if your Wi-Fi is not working, then customers will not be able to check in. However, we would contact you before it gets to that point. We do quality checks to make sure kiosks are operational.

If you are interested in learning more, then do not hesitate to email for a free consultation and/or demo. 

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

As a dedicated account manager, I leverage the seven years of mobile marketing knowledge/experience we collectively have accumulated in the mobile marketing field for the betterment of businesses throughout the country. I am currently focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns and I want to hear from you!

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