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Post Date: September 8, 2020

8 Ways To Fix Waiver Picture Issues

8 Ways To Fix Waiver Picture Issues


Digital liability waivers are better than paper waivers for self-service salvage yards because we take a picture every time a customer signs a waiver.  Therefore, you have a photo record with each signature.  Digital waivers with a photo associated to it are more powerful than without a photo associated with it. In order for the photos to be relevant, however, they must clearly show your customer.  If they do not, then we should fix your particular camera issue so the photos can be used, if needed.

Here are eight problems that sometimes happen with waiver photos and how to fix each problem:

Issue #1: The customer is standing too far to the left or right of the camera lens.

Sometimes, customers stand off to the side of the check-in station.  The camera takes the picture when the customer is signing their name, so their finger is on the screen.  However, it is possible for their finger to be on the screen and their face to be out of the camera lens at the same time. 

Solution #1: Wide-Angled Lens

This is not an issue for most yards that use a Lenovo All-In-One computer.  Occasionally, even these yards may have a few check-ins per day where the customer is standing too far off on one side.  If you want every check-in to clearly show the customer, then the wide angled lens is the way to go. Let us know if you want some good ideas on the wide angle lens solution.

Issue #2: The kiosk is not installed in an optimal position.

You may get a bunch of random pictures of a ceiling or a wall if this is the case. This can happen if you use purchase a kiosk from us and it is not installed properly.  We send you the stand, swivel, and double-sided mounting tape.  Sometimes, the kiosk is not installed in an optimal position on the counter when taking into account the height of the counter and where the customers stand while checking in.  It is important to test out the kiosk positioning before mounting it to the counter so you make sure it is in a good spot.      

Solution #2: Move kiosk to better position, remove swivel, or invest in Lenovo All-In-One computer

If the majority of your check-in manager photos do not clearly show your customer, then you will need to move the kiosk to a better position.  You may want to remove the swivel if the kiosk is getting rotated and not remaining in the most optimal position.  However, your photos generally will not be as good if using a kiosk and we recommend that you invest in a Lenovo All-In-One computer if liability photos are important.  They are worth the investment for the picture taking improvements alone to protect your business.

Issue #3: The camera is on a roaming kiosk and not stationary on a stand.

Again, this has to do with using a kiosk instead of the Lenovo All-In-One computer.  If you are using a roaming kiosk which is not on a stand and in a stationary position, then you are pretty much guaranteed to have poor photo quality. 

Solution #3: Move kiosk to stationary position

We recommend that you do not have your check-ins on a roaming kiosk unless you want to rely on security footage or another method to verify the identities of your customers who sign the waiver.

Issue #4: No photo was taken for a particular check-in

In order to take a picture and store it in Google Cloud, then your device must be connected to Wi-Fi. If there is a momentary interruption in your connection to Google Cloud or if a device is not connected, then it is possible that a check-in will not have a photo associated with it. 

Solution #4: Make sure your Wi-Fi is good

The better your Wi-Fi, then the less of a likelihood you will occasionally have a check-in with no picture.

Issue #5: Camera is located at the bottom of your computer screen and pictures are upside down

If you purchased an All-In-One model with the camera located at the bottom of your computer screen, then you are going to have issues with the pictures initially. You will get a bunch of pictures of peoples wrists since we take a picture when customers sign their name. If you try to turn the monitor upside down so the camera is on top, then you will get good pictures.  However, they will be upside down.

Solution #5: Flip the monitor and reinstall so the camera is on top and let us know.

We will take care of implementing code to flip each of your pictures so they display right-side up on Check-In Manager.  It is better to buy a Lenovo model with the camera located at the top of the screen.

Issue #6: Customer puts their hand over the camera when it is taking a picture.

It is important to have a strategy for customers who purposefully avoid having their picture taken. These customers may put their finger over the camera and the picture is a finger.

Solution #6: Have a backup strategy or employees monitoring the check-in station

Your backup strategy could be surveillance video or an employee responsible for making sure each check-in is valid.

Issue #7: Photos are blurry

This is possible if your check-in station is outdoors in a humid environment or if there is perspiration in the air.  Also, customers could touch the camera and make it blurry.

Solution #7: Check photo quality on Check-In Manager and clean camera, if needed

If the photos are blurry, then clean the camera with a microfiber or other cloth.

Issue #8: Blacked out picture

This is when there is a black box for your picture.  

Solution #8: Correct your camera settings

Most likely, the camera on the Fully Kiosk app is disabled if you are using a kiosk.  If you are using an All-In-One computer, then you need to enable our kiosk to access your camera when doing a check-in. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about your liability pictures.  We will be happy to lead you through any of these solutions or maybe even the solution to a problem not listed here.  The best place to reach us is info@texnrewards.com.

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Parker Mitchell

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