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Post Date: September 9, 2020

4 Reasons To Teach Your Employees About Texn Rewards

4 Reasons To Teach Your Employees About Texn Rewards


Employee training or teaching is important to optimize the success of your Texn Rewards program.  We spend a lot of time gathering requirements for your business so we can build a campaign that is best suited for your business needs and which also benefits your customers.   After customizing your kiosk, building your mobile marketing campaign, and setting up just in notifications – the next step is getting the program started.  We want to make sure you have the knowledge and support needed to get the program off the ground in a good way.  In order to successfully start the program, here are four reasons why it is important for your employees to understand the system:

#1: Be able to educate your customers on the benefits of using the system and decrease opt-out percentage

If your employees have tested the system and seen for themselves how it works, then they will understand the benefits in greater depth.  This will ideally help persuade them to believe in the purpose of the system.  Employees buying into your purpose with their hearts/minds of course is crucial for every aspect of your business. If your employees believe in the texting rewards system, then they will have a higher likelihood of being able to lead your customers into understanding how it will benefit them.  For example, customers may ask an employee if they have to enter their phone number.  An employee who understands that customers who enter their number will be able to earn loyalty rewards and exclusive sale/discount offers will be able to better explain how the program will benefit them.  Also, they can explain to your customers that they will only have to enter their name once if they enter their number because the system will remember them the next time. 

By your employees buying into the purpose of your texting rewards system, they will become an advocate of the system.  This will help increase the percentage of customers who decide to opt in and will decrease your opt out percentage.  As your customers are getting accustomed to the new system and your employees are still converting into advocates, then your opt-out percentage may be slightly higher.  However, over time, you should see a decline in your opt out percentage as customers become accustomed to it and your employees become advocates. 

#2: Verify liability waivers are signed correctly with good picture

By logging into Check-In Manager, your employees can verify that each customer checked in and you have a picture on file which clearly shows the customer.  If customers show up on the check-ins page, then they signed a liability waiver.  I did a breakdown of good liability waiver pictures here.

#3: Verify customer coupons

Each time a customer checks in, our system automatically checks if they have any active coupons.  If they do, then they will show up on Check-In Manager.  I did a breakdown of how to filter by phone number or name to verify active coupons here.

#4: Keep the check-in process going smoothly

Your customers may occasionally ask about how the system works.  We are fully compliant with our legal disclaimer for opting in, but sometimes customers may want it explained before opting in.  If your employees are advocates and understand how it works, then they will be able to help your customers.  An explanation of the customer experience can be found here.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

As a dedicated account manager, I leverage my mobile marketing knowledge/experience for the betterment of businesses throughout the country.

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