7 Competitive Advantages of Texn Rewards for Self-Service Salvage Yards - Texn Rewards 7 Competitive Advantages of Texn Rewards for Self-Service Salvage Yards - Texn Rewards
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Post Date: September 9, 2020

7 Competitive Advantages of Texn Rewards for Self-Service Salvage Yards

7 Competitive Advantages of Texn Rewards for Self-Service Salvage Yards


Here are some competitive advantages of the Texn Rewards system for self-service salvage yards:

#1: High opt-in percentage

Most customers opt-in to the loyalty program which builds a big list of customers who you can text when you want to bring them back in.  In fact, once your customers/employees get used to the system, then you can expect very few customers to opt out of entering their mobile number (especially when and if your employees become advocates).  This is a big improvement from TEXT2JOIN systems because those systems get way fewer opt-ins than our check-in system with the kiosk.  

#2: Liability waiver with photo

Each check-in collects a waiver signature and a picture. This is a big improvement from paper waivers because you will have a photo record which is downloadable, and you do not have to rely on other methods for confirming identity such as security footage.  Also, the liability waiver enmeshed in the kiosk improves your opt-in percentage since customers must check-in on the kiosk.  Since they are already there to sign the waiver, then they are much more likely to opt-in to the loyalty program.  Stand-alone waiver systems do not have text marketing systems included and TEXT2JOIN systems do not have liability waiver signatures included.

#3: Frequency Based Rewards System

Since customers check-in at each visit, then we can give your customers rewards every 5-10 visits.  Most TEXT2JOIN systems rely on customers texting in once and do not have a check-in process or kiosk for each time a customer visits.  Therefore, they do not have an option to reward your customers every few times they visit.  Each time a customer checks in on our kiosk, they are notified of how many check-ins they are from earning a reward and what the reward will be. More info on rewards.

#4: Target Lists/Inactive Offers

Since we collect check-in data for your customers, then we know how many times they have checked in and how long it has been since they last visited.  With this info, we can create target groups such as “Only customers who have visited more than three times” and only send messages to these customers.  We can also have our system automatically send coupons to customers who have not checked in for a specific amount of time such as a month.  Most TEXT2JOIN systems rely on a customer joining once via text and do not have check-ins.  Therefore, you cannot create a target list or send an inactive offer with these systems.  These targeted messages are a more efficient use of text messages and can save money on texts. More info on target lists and inactive offers.

#5: Just In Notifications

To the best of our knowledge, there is not another vendor who offers texting Just In Notifications as a service for yards throughout the country.  We work with Crush, Pinnacle, and Powerlink yards and have a proprietary Just In system. More information on Just In Notifications -> Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

#6: Consistent IT Development

We have a dedicated IT team who is constantly making new updates to our system and rolling out features.  Some things our IT team has developed are the Check-In Kiosk, Check-In Manager, Just In Notifications, Spin The Wheel, COVID-19 Compliance and the Vehicle Picks Report.  We have many new features we are currently working on and are always welcome to feedback from customers on how we can continue to improve the system for self-service salvage yards. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a new feature request. Your feedback is how we figure out what we should work on next. 

#7: Data Analytics

Based on feedback, we have determined the best metrics to report on and can provide analytics which can be helpful with interpreting how well your program is doing.  This information is also useful in determining any slight changes you can make to further improve the program.  More info on Data Analytics

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

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