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Post Date: September 11, 2020

Responding To Customers Who Text In

Responding To Customers Who Text In


Oftentimes, customers will respond to your messages and ask questions.  Some of the messages will not be relevant, but others are leads for sales. 

Here is a simple process for finding and responding to customers who text in:

Step 1:       Login to your Client Portal

Step 2:       Then go to Reports -> Received Log

Step 3:       Filter your search for the date range specified and scroll through your messages until you find one that you want to respond to. 

received log

Step 4:       Click on the phone number highlighted in blue of a message you want to respond to.

Step 5:       Fill out the form just like a normal broadcast. 

This will only go to this phone number.  Make sure to include the name of your business in the message.   

You can also enable Post Notifications so you can be notified via email or text every time a customer texts in.  Let us know if you want to try out Post Notifications or just login to your Client Portal intermittently to check these messages.  Typically, many messages are received within a few hours of a broadcast so that is the most important time to check. 

Parker MItchell

Parker MItchell

As a dedicated account manager, I leverage my mobile marketing knowledge/experience for the betterment of businesses throughout the country.

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