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Post Date: September 16, 2020

5 Data Collection Goals and Kiosk Simplification

5 Data Collection Goals & Kiosk Simplification


We have five main goals with our check-in kiosk:

#1: 80%+ conversion rate for our text marketing program

Opting in is optional for the customer.  Typically, we are aiming for no less than an 80% conversion rate when first starting out.  This is not a very high conversion rate once the program is completely optimized, but it is a good goal to shoot for at the beginning. If the conversion rate is less than 80%, then we have recommendations for improving the conversion rate. 

This is an example from our data analytics which we can send you monthly.  It will give you a total number of kiosk opt outs for the month and an opt out percentage for the month. It will also give you an average opt out percentage for all months. The data above is fabricated and does not represent real data.

#2: Collect a liability waiver signature for each check-in

This is mandatory for each customer regardless of whether they opt-in with their phone number or not.

#3: Associate a first & last name with phone number and/or liability waiver signature for each check-in.

When a customer opts in for the first time, then they will enter their first and last name.  The next time they check-in, then the system will not ask for their name if they use the same number.  We will already have their name from their previous check-in.  However, if a customer opts out of entering their number, then they will have to enter their first/last name at every check-in. More information on the customer check-in experience with recommended settings can be found here.

#4: Take a picture which clearly shows the customer for each check-in

We need a picture for each check-in just in case something goes wrong and you need it for legal liability reasons. Relying on security footage is not as good as taking a picture when the customer is signing the waiver. More information on solving liability picture issues can be found here.

#5: Do not ask for extra information and make the kiosk check-in process as effective as possible. This is measured by feedback from customers and employees.

We have the ability to collect additional information such as date of birth, email, vehicle picks, zip code, and covid-19 questions.  However, we highly recommend that you do not collect this information at the kiosk because it is not practical to collect all of this when you are busy.  We recommend that you only collect phone number, name, and signature.  The only exceptions are if you need to ask the COVID questions or confirm date of birth.  Otherwise, we have other ways to collect this additional info once customers have opted in.

For vehicle picks, we can send a text a few hours after customers opt-in where they can go add their vehicle notifications.  For email and zip code, then we can send a web form once customers opt-in.  Emails can be useful if you have separate email marketing campaigns.  Zip codes can be useful if you are looking at possibly expanding your operations and want to know where your customers are coming from. 

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

As a dedicated account manager, I leverage my mobile marketing knowledge/experience for the betterment of businesses throughout the country.

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