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Post Date: September 21, 2020

Get More 5 Star Reviews – 8 Trigger Messaging Steps

Get More 5 Star Reviews:
8 Trigger Messaging Steps


Once you have created your target list, then you may want to have the system automatically send messages to your target list every so often without any manual manipulation of the system.  This is the perfect time to implement a Trigger Messaging campaign to automatically check your target lists intermittently and trigger a message to go out when customers check all of the boxes and are included in your target list.  If you do not understand how target lists work, then you should read these two articles first -> Building A List, Setting A Budget, Utilizing Target Lists, & WHY Check-In Kiosks are SUPERIOR to TEXT2JOIN Campaigns in Text Marketing and Behind the Curtain of Target Lists.

Here are the steps to setting up your Trigger Campaign:

Step 1: Select Trigger Frequency - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

This is how often you want the trigger message to send your review request message to a certain target list.  Daily is the most common option here because you can strike while the iron is hot and send the message to customers who reached a significant milestone the day before.  Whether that be a certain number of check-ins achieved the day before or some sort of reward they earned the day before, you want to make sure not too much time has elapsed since their last experience with your business.

Step 2: Number of Instances per contact - Send 1 time in forever, Send 1 time in 180 days, etc.

Customers may show up in your designated target list a lot if they are loyal customers.  You do not want to continuously send the same customers a request to review your business.  Therefore, we can add a filter so your customers are only sent one review request every certain amount of time. 

Step 3: Time of Day - 11am, 5pm, etc.

What time of day do you want the trigger message to trigger? The most common for daily frequency is sometime in the morning.  We do not want to trigger a message too early in the morning. 9am – 11am in your time zone is usually a good time to trigger a message.  By triggering a daily message during this window, then we are sending the message at a reasonable time and still including most of the customers who reached the milestone you are searching for the day before.

Step 4: Start Date - 9/22/2020, etc.

What day do you want to start your trigger campaign? Usually you choose the following day or sometime later that week/month to start.

Step 5: End Date - 12/31/2020, No Expiration, etc.

When do you want the trigger campaign to stop? Most trigger campaigns have no expiration. If you ever want to disable a trigger campaign because you have so many positive reviews and want to use those messages for another purpose, then this can be done.

Step 6: Select Target List

Which target list do you want the trigger campaign to check when the trigger time comes to fruition?

Step 7: Include the message you want to send

Hi Parker, thanks for visiting Texn Rewards yesterday! Let us know about your experience ->

Above is an example of a review request. With Reviews & Reputation Management, you get the ability to send customers to a landing page where they get to pick which review site they want to leave a review on. Any reviews under 4 starts are automatically emailed to you and not posted so you can resolve offline. All four and five star reviews are streamed to your website. Ask us about how to activate this feature with us if you do not have it activated. 

Step 8: Include the link to go review your business

If your message is ever over 160 characters due to having a long link, then we can use the URL Shortener to shorten the link and get it to meet the 160 character specification.  For example, can become

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

As a dedicated account manager, I leverage my mobile marketing knowledge/experience for the betterment of businesses throughout the country.

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