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Post Date: October 6, 2020

Kiosk Summary Report

Kiosk Summary Report


*The information above displays a demo account and is not real data

The Kiosk Summary Report was created before Texn Rewards started venturing into the self-service salvage yard niche and is not tailored specifically for salvage yards.  Therefore, it does not include kiosk opt outs which is an important component in determining total attendance.  It also does not differentiate between English/Spanish campaigns when looking at All Kiosks combined.  However, you can get a separate Kiosk Summary Report for each language and/or location if multi-location.

 For more information on the new reports we are currently creating/automating, then please visit Data Analytics.  Also, to find out more about Kiosk Opt Outs, then please visit Difference Between Kiosk Opt Outs And Keyword Opt Outs.  Even though the Kiosk Summary Report does not give you every piece of information for self-service salvage yards, there are some important data points you can get from this report.  Here are some important datapoints you can find with the Kiosk Summary Report:

#1: How many Repeat Visitors you have for a specific timeframe and your Top 10 most frequent customers

You can answer questions such as “How many new opt-ins did I have for this day, week, or month?”, “How many customers visited 3 or more times during this week or month?”, and “How many times did my top 10 customers check-in this month?”  All of these questions can provide insight into your customer base. 

#2: How many customer Joined, Checked-In, and Earned A Reward

This is self-explanatory.  The only thing that will always say zero is the pink “Coupon Redemptions”.  That is because we built reskinned kiosks specifically for self-service salvage yards and do not use our base kiosks for this.  Therefore, the coupon redemptions will show up in a different spot and the pink column will show zero.  Our new report specifically for salvage yards does a better job of showing coupon redemptions. 

#3: Keyword Opt Outs and Supported Contacts

This will give you contact stats for the entire account. Even if you have different locations or different languages, then it will show all contacts here.  Contacts opted out is how many customers texted back “STOP” during this date range.  Supported contacts are contacts we can text.  Sometimes, customers enter non-supported phone numbers such as landlines or not real phone numbers. If the message is undeliverable, then they will be marked as unsupported and we will automatically take them off of the list for texting purposes. This saves you from wasting texts.

#4: Breakdown of Messages Sent

Total Messages Sent is the important figure here.  This is what we use for how many messages you sent for the month and is completely accurate.  Auto-Engage Messages sent is included in this figure and represents how many inactive offers were sent.  For more info on this, please visit The Art of Reestablishing Communication with Disgruntled Customers. If you have mobile coupon sharing enabled, then Social Media Links Sent will show up here as well.  For more info, please visit Mobile Coupon Sharing

#5: Mobile Coupon Stats

This shows the stats for the entire account just like the breakdown of messages sent.  Everything is self-explanatory here and you can get more detail on each coupon redeemed from the Coupon Redemptions Log.  The only thing this report does not do is tell you the stats on each coupon. Instead it gives you a summary of all coupons combined. In our new report, we breakdown each coupon so you can see which ones are higher performing.  

#5: Bar Chart

This is a nice depiction of how many Joins, Check-Ins, and Rewards there were for each day.  Notice if you do a few months of data, then it shows you the stats on a monthly basis.  If you do the 1st – last day of the month, then it will show you weekly stats.  It is nicely color coded so you can see easily identify each statistic.  This is nice to look at for when you have a broadcast so you can tell there was a noticeable bump in kiosk activity on your sale days.

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am a dedicated account manager for Texn Rewards and am focused on continuous improvement of self-service marketing campaigns.

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