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Post Date: October 15, 2020

500 Word Summary

Customers often do not find parts they are looking for and ask you to let them know when a particular vehicle arrives.  Instead of relying on your FaceBook page and website as your only methods of letting them know of fresh inventory, we have a better way.  With Just In notifications, customers sign up for vehicles and we text them when the vehicle is “JUST IN” at your yard.  Whether your use Crush, Pinnacle, or Powerlink – our Just In system works and we make sure your customers get the texts when they are supposed to.

Another issue at self-service salvage yards is having customers sign your liability waiver on a sheet of paper.  It is hard to verify a customer with this method and it is a thin line of defense should someone sue you.  You do not want to go to court with nothing to defend yourself.  With our Check-In Kiosks and Check-In Manager, we have solved this lack of defense.  We collect the phone number, name, and picture of every customer who checks in.  All of this data can be searched for and downloaded with Check-In Manager. 

Some salvage yards have a digital waiver system in place, but we are the only organization who has integrated the digital waiver, text marketing, and Just In notifications all into one system.  Nobody has created a system as unique as our system and it is for the benefit of self-service salvage yards exclusively.  We understand that we do not know everything, so we take feedback from the recyclers who see value in us and want to help us make the system better.  We decode the feedback and go back to our development team so we can design and create new features.    

Now for the fun part.  Our system builds lists of phone numbers much quicker than other text marketing systems because of the liability waiver integration.  Customers must sign in on the kiosk because of the waiver so they might as well enter their phone number to get texts as well.  The majority of customers opt in by entering their phone number and you will see really good subscriber growth upon getting started.  Our reports will reflect this as well metrics such as Returning Customers, English/Spanish Customers, Opt Out %, and Mobile Coupon Redemption Rate by coupon type.  When you are having a sale, then you do not have to rely on FaceBook and/or email as your only methods of letting your customers know.  We can blast a text out to your subscriber base and track the increased traffic or coupon redemptions you will get.

Our rates are very reasonable for the amount of value we provide. Find our product list here -> https://www.texnrewards.com/2020/10/14/products/

Don’t just take our word for it.  See what other recyclers have to say -> www.texnrewards.com/2020-virtual-ara-reviews

To join our community on this journey email us at info@texnrewards.com 

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