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Post Date: October 26, 2020

Personalization Mapping

Personalization Mapping


Personalization Mapping is a good way to utilize different tags in your text messages which make your texts more personalized to each individual customer.  The most common tags are ~firstname~, ~date#~, ~redeem~, and ~share~.

Here is how you could use each of these:

Hi ~firstname~, you have 5 new vehicles which just arrived at Texn Rewards #justinlink

Congrats, you earned a Free Entry! This is valid until ~date#~. Redeem here -> ~redeem~

25% off all parts at Texn Rewards this weekend! Redeem here -> ~redeem~ and share with your friends -> ~share~

For example, here is what the message would look like if you used all of the main Personalized Mapping options:

I went to Messaging -> Send Text blast and sent the following message to a Target List consisting of only myself: “~firstname~ ~lastname~ ~state~ ~zip~ ~birthdate~ ~gender~ ~date7~ ~date15~ ~redeem~ ~coupon~ ~share~”

The output showed everything that was saved to my phone number.  This can be found by going to Contacts -> View Contacts -> search by phone number -> edit pencil underneath Details

Name, City, State, Zip, Birthdate, and Gender are self-explanatory. ~date7~ outputs the date 7 calendar days from the current day. ~date15~ outputs the date 15 calendar days from the current date. ~redeem~ is how you attach a mobile coupon to track redemptions. You will be asked to pick a Mobile Coupon from the dropdown on the right if you try to send a broadcast with ~redeem~ included. ~share~ provides the link to share the mobile coupon with friends/family if you have mobile coupon sharing enabled.

~custom1~ thru ~custom10 are for additional data fields if you wanted to collect different info than the default options. This is not recommended on the kiosk because we want to make the kiosk process efficient.  However, if you want to collect more info, then it is recommended to ask for this info via a Web Form Wizard with a time delay or trigger after customers join your campaign. This is more of an advanced blog post and we do not expect for customers to want to delve this deep into the details. The purpose for writing this post is to have the information available for customers who want to understand our full system capabilities.  I will be happy to explain this post or any other blog post if you have questions.  

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

I am focused on providing mobile marketing opportunities for self-service salvage yards and explaining how it works.

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