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Post Date: November 10, 2020

Top 4 ways Texn Rewards can IMPROVE your self-service salvage yard(s)

#1:  Our in-store kiosks build HUGE customer engagement lists.  You make a Return On Investment by reengaging with these customers and bringing them back!  Over time, we will further refine your list and send messages only to the customers most likely to come in.  Stop the hassle of handling paper waivers and gain the benefit of building a customer engagement list FASTER.  Build a list of thousands of customers, notify them of important info/sales, and put your business in the palm of your customers hand!

#2:  Give your customers REAL-TIME ACCESS to inventory additions at your yard(s).  Our inventory notification system, Just In, plugs into your inventory process and sends real-time text alerts based on customer preferred specifications.  No more dealing with questions such as “When will you get XYZ vehicle in? Can you let me know what it arrives?”  Instead, point them to sign up for Just In, and we will make sure they are notified the first day that vehicle MATCHES are no longer in a holding status.  We will send a SHOPPING LIST every week which details what your customers are looking for and track how many Just In texts are sent.  Just In integrates with Crush and URG data feeds (for Pinnacle or Powerlink yards).  

#3:  Save TIME by one of our dedicated account managers setting up your account, creating a text blast strategy, and sending out texts.  Once we understand your business and what you are looking to accomplish with a marketing strategy, then we will leverage our self-service salvage yard experience to recommend a customized plan which accomplishes your objectives.  We provide WHITE GLOVE SERVICE and plan ahead so you can focus on other important priorities.  We also have a quick response time and are able to handle urgent requests.  

#4:  You will get a comprehensive report which tracks TRENDS/SEASONAL FLUCTUATIONS for your yard(s) and we notify you if any of the data elements tracked are outside of a normal range.  We determine which coupons are working, which ones we need to stop sending, and which ones we may want to modify.  The reports are intuitive once you understand the data elements being tracked.  You will understand what your base line number is for each metric so you can see trends and understand why they are happening.  Understanding why the trends are happening will help you make decisions on the ones within your circle of influence so you can positively influence them.  Some trends you may notice include an increase in returning customers over time, seasonal attendance fluctuations, increases/decreases in the percentage of English/Spanish customers, increases/decreases in different coupon redemption rates, and increase/decrease in opt out rate.  


Product offerings (click here)

For starting out, we recommend the Basic package which gives you 5,000 messages/month, Check-In Manager, Mobile Coupons, Just In, and Reporting for $300/month.  $3,600/year + Equipment Expense is the base line expense with this program, but you may decide to increase the message volume to a Custom Plan once you have built a large customer engagement list.  The more you engage with your customers (up to a certain point), then the more benefit you get with the program. You can upgrade from Basic to Comprehensive and add Reviews/Reputation Management for an extra $50/month.  

If you want to try out our services, then you can also go with Just In only which gives you 1,000 messages/month, inventory matches via text, Mobile Coupons, and Reporting for $99/month.  Just In is a great complement to your inventory process.

*If you need additional messages each month, then there are message reload fees. 

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Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

Dedicated account manager focused on leveraging my mobile marketing expertise to increase the sales at self-service salvage yards.

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