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Post Date: November 17, 2020

How to Automate New Inventory Alerts

How to Automate New Inventory Alerts

Just In is a way to automate the response to customers when new inventory arrives without sacrificing personalization since each alert is customized for that customer.  Just In saves you the time of following up and having to keep track of customer requests.  We will text customers for you once new inventory matches what they are looking for and is made available to the public.

There are three steps to the Just In system: Signing Up, Matching up, & Sending Alerts.

#1: Signing Up

Customers sign up for Just In by entering the year range, make/model of the vehicles they are looking for. 

We will add a sign up page to your website so customers can sign up there.  They can also sign up at the store if you have a sign on the wall with a QR code they scan with the camera on their phone.  A third sign up option is on an in-store kiosk and a fourth option for loyalty club customers is to have our system automatically text customers after leaving your yard with a link to add their Just In vehicles. 

#2: Matching Up

We will match the customer requests with new inventory on a daily basis.  It does not matter which yard management company you use because we work with Crush, Pinnacle, and Powerlink yards.  This saves time/effort because you do not need to keep track of customer requests.

#3: Sending Alerts

Once new inventory is not in a holding status, then we will send texts to customers who expressed interest in this inventory.  These alerts go out at 11am ET each day.  They let each customer know how many new vehicle matches were found with a link to provide more information. Coupons can be added to these texts.


Help Menu

There is a help menu on each customers Just In page which explains how Just In works.  It explains that picks expire 90 days after being made.  Customers can delete the pick prior to the 90 days elapsing, however, they will receive notifications on each vehicle for 90 days after making the pick.  The number of days shown next to the car is how many days are left until expiration.  The help menu explains that texts are sent on the first full day that the vehicle is available which reiterates #3 above.  However, customers will only receive texts for new vehicles if they are made available after the pick was added.  Picks made for vehicles that are fresh will show up on the Just In page by showing a green car with a checkmark.  Vehicles are considered fresh if they have been made available to the public within the last seven days.  Finally, customers can see more information on each vehicle match by selecting the vehicle pick and Vehicle Information.  This will show them information such as row number,  VIN, and a picture of the vehicle.  If the customer speaks Spanish, then they can select Espanol and everything is converted into Spanish.  

Shopping List

We send a shopping list every week called the Vehicle Picks Report which details what customers are asking for.

Do you need this service to save time, improve personalization, provide the most professional service. and/or increase sales of new inventory? Give us a call today at (888) 688-8492 or email us at!

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