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Post Date: August 30, 2021

Kiosk Updates

Kiosk Updates

Here are the newest kiosk updates:

#1: Color Customization

This allows the system to look more proprietary to your brand and like you built it yourself.  The best way to match the colors on your kiosk to your brand colors is to use the exact HTML color codes in your logo which can be found by uploading your logo on a site such as  We can customize the background, button and text colors.  The kiosk screenshot above is a good example.  

#2: Logo Customization

You can now make your main logo dimensions on the kiosk larger.  We will do this for you and may recommend it for some customers.  We use to keep the aspect ratio the same for quality.  

#3: Kiosk Advertisements

This is a great method to advertise whatever you want for hundreds of customers to see each day.  We can now add 400px x 400px square advertisements on each side of the number keypad on the front page.  We can also add the same on the signature page on either side of the signature rectangle.  We can add up to 10 advertisements in each spot and up to 4 spots.  If more than one advertisement is uploaded to the same spot, then we will need to decide how many seconds each advertisement stays on the screen before sliding to the next advertisement.  The default is 7 seconds and was the same we had on display at the URG.

NOTE: Kiosk advertisements do not work for smaller tablets.  Must upgrade to a 21” or higher touch screen computer for kiosk advertisements.

Front Page Advertisements

Signature Page Advertisements

400px x 400px Advertisement Examples

The graphic artist who created the above kiosk advertisements is available to create kiosk advertisements for your kiosk.  If you have it done by another graphic artist, then make sure the ads are 400px x 400px or at the vert least square advertisements (same length and height).  

#4: Add “Smile For The Picture 😊”, “Say Cheese For The Camera! 😊”, or “Look Serious For The Picture (No Smiling Allowed)” to the Signature Screen above “Please Sign Below”

This will let the customers know that their picture is being taken and also cut down on theft since they will know you have their picture and can look them up in the system. This is a feature we have been asked about a few times in the last couple of years and decided to add it while we were making upgrades to the kiosk user experience.  If you have any ideas for additional things to say on this screen, then let us know and we can add it.  

#5: "Opt Out / Optar Por No" language issue fixed

A customer alerted us to the fact that when customers opt out and change the language to Espanol, then the buttons and text below were not changing to Spanish also.  We were logging all opt outs as English opt outs, so now this issue is fixed and all screens after the liability waiver screen are also fixed for Spanish opt outs. 

#6: Font and Font Size Customization

You can choose your font and font size for all text on the kiosk. Just let us know which font type you want and we will make it happen.

#7: Hide Location Name at Top Right of Kiosk

We can keep the location name if it helps verify customers are checking in on the correct location for multi-locations.  However, it is not needed for single locations and we have decided to hide it. 

Parker Mitchell

Parker Mitchell

Dedicated account manager focused on leveraging my mobile marketing expertise to increase the sales at self-service salvage yards.

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