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We enjoyed attending the 75th ANNUAL ARA EXPO in Orlando! We will be at the URG in Orlando as well in April 2019! The Texn Rewards staff really appreciates all the attendees (owners, GMs, and managers) that stopped by our Texn Rewards ARA and URG National Convention show booths. Both were in beautiful sunny Orlando FL (ARA November and URG April). We enjoy collecting new ideas for future updates to our program. We are constantly updating our program based on feedback we receive from shows like these. Thanks to all those that continue to provide suggestions to improve our program. Also, we want to thank the ARA and URG national organizations for their support this past year and all the advertisers that have communicated out our marketing messages of how we grow their Self Service Salvage yard operation.

Thank you, Paul Mitchell



Upcoming 2019 shows:
Florida FADRA 2019 – July 18-21 2019 Clearwater, FL
IRI (Auto Recyclers of Indiana) ARI-> Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky annual meeting & tradeshow – August 16-17 2019 (Indiana TBD).
ARA’s 76th Annual Convention & Expo Charlotte, NC (October 10-12 2019.
Texas (TARA) – October 17-18 2019 – site TBD.
We plan to go to URG in St. Louis, MO next Spring 2020.
A-R-A Schedule Link with fliers

Paul will be attending FADRA in July, Indiana in August, National ARA in Oct., and Texas TARA.

Our package includes:

-This past October 2018, we are happy to announce that we added the Digital Waiver and Just In Picks to our Customer Kiosk Workflow so we can capture this information at the point of sale.

-As of November 2017, we released Just-In SMS text notification regarding new stock that matches customer preset vehicle preferences. Each yard has their own custom website so their customers can get hyper local notifications to their mobile phone. Also, included with November 2017, we offered LOYALTY VIP Rewards via a KIOSK. We can work with various yard management systems. VIP rewards systems offer the ability to send specials via SMS text with digital coupons that are redeemable, trackable, and measurable. Integration exist between Just In, VIP Rewards, and Review systems. Just In and Rewards drive repeat business from existing customers and reviews drive in new customers. Weekly/monthly reports provide a track able metric of system performances for each yard.

-we enjoyed attending the last 2018 National ARA and URG training conferences in Orlando, Florida. We are attending the next 2019 URG show this April 11-13, 2019 in Orlando, Florida (we will be in URG booth #70). Come by and see our updated Kiosk workflows with the updates to the digital waiver, VIP Club, and vehicle picker system coupled with Just In Fresh Stock notification System. We are also going to be at the Rocky Mountain five state ARA conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 15-16th in Booth 20 working on a panel discussing self service (U PULL IT) Marketing strategies.

New stock Inventory Notices via SMS and/or email (drive existing customers back)

VIP Rewards (drive existing customers back)

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Testimonial Pickers Click

Testimonial Dos Amigos Click

Testimonial Pull N Save Click

Automated Reviews System (obtain new customers)

Dos Amigos – See How This Works

Dos Amigos - See How This Works Just In(JI) Notifications, VIP Rewards, and Reviews systems drive Customer Loyalty to your yard! Some of the key features include

Daily SMS text notices

When new stock matches customer preferences. Relevant SMS text/email notices when new stock matches customer pre-set preferences (best time to find a part on new stock).

Automated Engagements

U-PULL-IT customer picks their preference, we notify them when a match of their preferences matches new stock, and then customer pulls their own part and saves money => Happy Customer.

Customer Loyalty

Customers are happy and return to the yard and become an advocate to their friends. Happy customers spread the news and get more new customers.

White Glove Service

We work with your staff to help them promote the use of this customer friendly program. We do all the work. All the GM needs to do is decide what message / rewards they want to provide their happy customers.

This program helps you focus on your business while the system helps the customer find stock through Automation

Check-in Kiosk

Kiosk allows simple registration for VIP rewards, generate reviews you can stream to your website, and get setup on Just In notices.

Customized Yard Website

Each yard gets their own account setup and match results website for the Just In system.

On-line Sign-up Form

Customer preferences can be setup easily via online forms allow yards to collect and associate almost any information about their customers.

Customer Preferences

For Just In notices, customers can select their your yard and select one to many year ranges, makes, and models. When new stock matches, we let them know.

Yard Customers experience fast and Easy Just In Preference Setup and ability to redeem VIP rewards

Saves customer time

Time is money. For Just In, customers receive matches with all the yard stock details down to which stock number and row. VIP Rewards are quick and easy to earn and redeem. Yards love it because customers become more loyal and write great reviews from our system.

New VIP Welcome kits

Customers can be welcomed to Just In Notices from the VIP Club. So, integration between Just In, VIP Rewards, and review generation and streams to your website are tightly coupled.


Include people’s names… ‘Hi John, You have 4 recently added vehicles at PJ’s Auto Parts – click here ->’. VIP rewards can have customer ‘Hi John, Congrats you earned 20% OFF at PJ’s Auto Parts’.

Added Value For Your Customers Improves ROI


All new VIP Rewards go out SMS Text, and all new stock notices go out either SMS Text and/or Email.

Database Segmenting

Capture what year, make, and model customers are searching for which helps the GM buy new needed stock to fill their demand. We can also notify each mobile what they want when it comes in.

Unlimited Subscribers

There is no limit on subscriber volumes.

Reporting allows Yards

to know what their customers want. Improve your business by learning from customers

Bring them in. Bring them back.