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The Texn Rewards mobile marketing loyalty program is the turnkey solution you need to provide your customers with enticing benefits to get them excited about what you offer, build consumer trust, and keep them coming back for more!

We design a custom VIP Club for your business, which uses SMS and MMS text broadcasting to bring the rewards right to your customers' devices. This allows you to communicate directly with all of your customers. Formulated incentive timelines and easily-deployable offer specials give you the power to remind your patrons how much they mean to you – and how much your service means to them! Prevent customer attrition and keep them engaged with preset targeted offers.


Build subscriber lists quickly - make it easy for customers to join and be rewarded. Our digital kiosk and sign-on features allow you to collect email addresses, preferences, and more targeted information about your customers so you can better serve them. You can even generate and manage liability waivers for an even smoother customer experience.

Mobile Coupons, Inactive Offers, and More

Send single-use redeemable coupons directly to customers and give them a reason to come back for more. With message personalization, you can make a stronger connection with your shoppers, building trust in your service. For those customers you haven't seen in a while, send them a friendly "welcome back" offer!

We work within your budget to determine the best action plan to ensure success for your business.

See our pricing plans for Mobile Marketing Services below:

Rewards Program

(call for pricing)
  • 5,000 messages/month
  • Rewards
  • Just In System
  • Digital Waiver
  • Broadcasting
  • Inactive Offers
  • Check-In Manager
  • Kiosk Summary Report
  • Coupon Redemption Log
  • Vehicle Picks Report

Just In System

(call for pricing)
  • 1,000 messages/month
  • Vehicle Picks Report
  • YMS Inventory Matching

Review System

(call for pricing)
  • Website Streaming
  • SMS Review Requests
  • Email Notifications

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