UrgFeed – Texn Rewards


Once you have established your Texn Rewards account is setup or will be setup and you want to set up your stock feed with the URG, to set up that feed do the following:

Go to www.urgsalessupport.com (URGnet control center create access or login and setup / check a box for data.
Load attached screen shot image of the control center they will see.

They just check the boxes noting what service they want activated
URG – Texn Rewards – Data Feed – Image FEED.
URG is the Company providing the Data Feed to Texn Rewards. The yards will pay URG to send Stock Data at night to Texn Rewards (daily). If they want images send with the stock data, they have to check that box. So, there are two services:
Data (stock data) to Texn Rewards.
Images (attached to the stock data) to Texn Rewards. This is an upgraded service).
We need a subpage on the www.TexnRewards.com website we can route folks to describing this process in a very clear and concise format.
Follow these simple steps. Click here/Do this. The image might be shown as a display of the site. Showing what they might see over there after they login there on URG’s site.