WEB WIDGET DEMO - Texn Rewards WEB WIDGET DEMO - Texn Rewards

Web Widget Demo

The purpose of this page is to show salvage yards how we can customize web widgets so their customers can join the loyalty campaign from their website.  It is best to offer a coupon in order to get more customers to sign up on web widgets.  We have two versions of the web widget, shown below; Vertical and Horizontal.  If you have multiple locations, then we can add a drop down for location as well.  If you do not have a Spanish campaign, then Select Language will not be an option.  In order for the web widget to be properly filled out, customers must enter a First Name, Mobile, Language (if applicable), and agree to the terms and conditions.  Upon Joining, the web widget will redirect to the Home Page of your website.

*The vertical web widget is shown three times.  This is just to show different places on the page it can go.