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    For almost a decade, Texn Rewards has helped small-to-medium sized businesses operate more productively, make better decisions, and grow their business.

    Texn Rewards continues its proud tradition of innovation in the auto recycling industry with advanced solutions that benefit self and full-service recyclers.

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    Experienced in developing solutions for auto recyclers

    Texn Rewards was founded in 2013 and immediately began working with restaurants, bars, and spas. In 2015, Texn Rewards partnered with S3 Software Solutions and found that the auto recycling industry was a terrific growth opportunity. Texn Rewards started attending trade shows in 2017 and specialized in solutions for self-service auto recyclers only until 2021.

    This year, Texn Rewards is expanding into full-service solutions with the addition of Synergy Auto Solutions which is fully integrated with Axe Payments. This solution will be available for beta testing 10/24 and first release is 12/1/22. In 2023, Texn Rewards will be furthering their partnership with S3 Software Solutions by implementing a Spend-Based Points System that is fully integrated with Crush. Texn Rewards also plans to attend state shows representing their new full-service brand of Synergy Auto Solutions. 

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    At Texn Rewards, we strive to put the auto recycler first and demonstrate our value to the auto recycling community.  




    Streamline communication for your auto recycling facility. Simplify everyday processes

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    Put your business in the palm of your customers hands. Get new customers, and bring them back

    See how Texn Rewards can benefit your business

    If you are an auto recycler, then chances are Texn Rewards has software that will immediately have a positive impact on your business.  Whether it is Automated Phone Helper, Synergy Auto Solutions, the classic VIP Club, or some combination – Texn Rewards is committed to the auto recycling industry and saves auto recyclers from having to figure out how to develop their own software solutions. 

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