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    Texn Rewards is a leading provider of digital solutions for self-service automotive recycling facilities. Our platform offers a range of features including digital liability waivers, Just In vehicle alerts, and a rewards program that helps generate positive online reviews. With our innovative tools and cutting-edge technology, we help businesses streamline their operations, protect their assets, and grow their customer base. At Texn Rewards, our mission is to empower auto recyclers to run a more successful, efficient and sustainable business. Schedule a demo with us today to see how Texn Rewards can benefit your business.

    Texn Rewards now offers Synergy Auto Solutions, a revolutionary platform for full-service automotive recyclers that streamlines communication and transactions by connecting them with buyers and sellers seamlessly. Our platform prioritizes requests for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. With multiple methods for addressing requests, including live chat and phone, sales reps and managers can rate customers and track performance data. At Synergy Auto Solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the auto recycling process for our clients.

    Streamline your auto recycling business with Texn Rewards and Synergy Auto Solutions - the ultimate industry solutions

    Texn Rewards was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing self-service automotive recyclers with an easy-to-use digital solution to manage their businesses. Our flagship product, the digital liability waiver system, helps facilities protect themselves by logging a waiver with a picture, timestamp, and signature of each customer who enters the yard. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include features such as rewards for repeat customers and just-in vehicle alerts to help facilities bring in more business.

    In the future, we plan to continue developing new features and expanding our services to better serve the self-service automotive recycling industry. We are also excited to announce that we have recently developed Synergy Auto Solutions to offer full-service automotive recycling facilities a more comprehensive solution for managing their businesses. Synergy Auto Solutions will allow us to better serve the entire automotive recycling industry and help facilities of all sizes grow and thrive.

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    Texn Rewards values innovation and customer satisfaction, providing digital solutions to improve the efficiency and success of automotive recycling businesses.




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    Empower your automotive recycling business with Texn Rewards or Synergy Auto Solutions - Schedule a demo today!

    At Texn Rewards, we believe in providing self-service and full-service automotive recyclers with the tools they need to protect and grow their businesses. Our flagship product, the digital liability waiver system, helps facilities keep track of customer activity and protect themselves in the event of any incidents. Additionally, our rewards program and just-in vehicle alerts help bring in repeat customers and drive business. With our new product, Synergy Auto Solutions, we offer a comprehensive solution for full-service automotive recycling facilities to streamline their operations and thrive. Schedule a demo today to see how Texn Rewards and Synergy Auto Solutions can benefit your business.

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